Healing Numbers

Giving Permission to Love Yourself

I feel very honored that Visible By Numbers, Alison Baughman, Master Numerologist has referred you to me. Alison is a wonderful friend and my numerology mentor.  If it wasn't for her reading my numbers and encouraging me, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing today. I learned from the best and will respect and honor you and all the core values that Alison has taught me. Welcome to Healing Numbers.


Sue Coffin Numerology

What can a Numerology Reading do for You?

If you would take just a moment and imagine what it would feel like to talk to a person that you have never met, have no connection to, explain to you what resonant deep within you your being, in regards to who you are, what your desires/talents are, and what makes you happy and dream for. Do you feel stuck living a life that doesn’t feel right?  Have you ever wondered why some experiences keep repeating themselves over and over? Why certain relationships feel troubled or just never gain momentum? Why there seems to be a disconnect between you and your child/partner/teacher/boss? By reading the energy that comes from numbers calculated from your name as it appears on your Birth Certificate and Date of birth, can validate so many aspects of your life and so to speak, turn on your GPS and guide you.  Life is not random, and situations can be predicated through the science of Numerology.

By having a deeper understanding and validation of the energy that makes you who you are, what you have chosen to experience in this lifetime and understanding the energy that will influence your future, gives you knowledge which allows you to stand in your own power.

I would love to bring my knowledge of numerology to you, to help you understand how to make and get the most out of your journey called life. Knowledge and validation is empowerment.

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Do you have questions about your love & relationships, career, health & well-being, or children? There is so much to learn from a numerology reading. Schedule a 15-minute FREE reading only using your Birth Date. Readings can now be conducted by Phone, Video Conference, or In-Person at the Blue Heron Wellness Center.

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Numerology and Compatibility

Stacey: Good morning, Sue. Today Katelyn, who recently attended one of your Mastering Numerology Chart workshops, joins our conversation on compatibility. In honor of the approaching Valentine’s Day holiday, can you help us understand how numerology can shape and impact our personal relationships? Sue: When I look at a compatibility report, I am not looking to […]

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Mastering our Personal Year Gardens

Stacey: Last month we looked at the different energies of each Personal Year. What experiences with your own personal year energy, past and present, can you share with us? Sue:  First, it’s important to remember that Personal Years occur in 9 year epicycles. If we think of it like working in a garden the first […]

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What Did Numerology Show Sue about her Personal Destiny?

 Stacey:  Good Morning, Sue. This week’s audience question for you was piqued after last week’s blog post where we learned how you first became interested in numerology: What did your first reading tell you about your own energy?

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A Personal Q & A to Get to Know Your Numerologist, Sue Coffin 

As a new year begins and I continue to share my passion and knowledge of numerology with you, I feel it is important for you to get to know me on a deeper, more personal level. My hope is that doing so will help you forge a stronger trust in me and a deeper understanding in […]

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Not only was your reading spot-on in so many aspects of my life, but you also opened doors to the real me that I didn't even know existed! And may I add, the morning I showed up for my reading with Sue was the first time I met her.Bangor, Maine
Before Sue's reading, I did not have much understanding of or experience with numerology. She not only is very knowledgeable and approachable, but feels like an old, trustworthy friend.Bangor, Maine
I found my time with Sue Coffin to be very helpful with my life as I have lived it, with the good choices and what appeared to be the bad ones. She is kind, thinks clearly, and had worked on my numbers before I arrived.Judy Kuhns-Hastings, Ph.D., APRN, BC
Love you Sue!! You R Awesome!! Had a reading from you a year ago and ever thing was right on the money!! Thank you!Gorham, Maine
My numerology reading was exactly what I needed for self-healing and personal growth! The accuracy and insight was nothing less than awe inspiring. I will definitely have numbers read by Sue again.Annie L.
Thank you so so much Sue........I found you reading to be very inspiring. You are wonderful. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!Lisa — Brewer, Maine
Not only were your reading spot on in so many aspects of my life but you also opened doors to the real me that I didn't even know existed! And may I add the morning I showed up for my reading with Sue was the first time I met herBangor, Maine

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