Anastasia’s Story Part 2: Dance to the Rhythm of Numerology

From the Series: The Changing Energies of our Life

What is this month’s energy trying to teach?

When I met with Anastasia, our discussion started with her June’s 6 energy. I asked her the question, “How did knowing about the characteristics of the 6 energy help you in this month?”

Her reply was that understanding the energy made her happier and less anxious in the long run. Having such insight allowed her to lean in and allow the energy to work in her life. She also said it helped her more easily make peace with situations; embracing the good, learning from what was uncomfortable, and letting go and moving on without over analyzing situations.

“It really just helped me accept and openly embrace the timing of the energy flowing in and out of my life,” Anastasia shared.

That’s the thing about the energy of numbers. We can either fight the energy causing resistance and struggle within our lives or we can learn to understand what it is asking from us and embrace it. Doing so allows us to find peace so we can let go and move forward as we dance to the rhythms of the different energies flowing in and out of our lives like waves.

One of the biggest examples of how the 6 energy worked in Anastasia’s life during her 9 year was the unexpected death of a former high school classmate. This event was the catalyst for one of her old longtime friends whom she had lost touch with to reach out and re-enter her life. The two have been catching up and have discussed plans to get together this summer. The event of an unexpected loss represented a completion (the energy of a 9 year) in Anastasia’s life. This happened during a 6 month where the energy is focused on family, friendships, and relationships which made room for an old friendship to be rekindled while they explore whether the relationship with be reignited or if they will finally find closure.

As Anastasia moves into July, a 7 month, she should notice themes of introversion, reclusion, soul-searching, and new learning. The characteristics of the 7 energy are asking us to slow down, to travel inward to connect with ourselves. Often this energy makes us withdraw from social gatherings to spend time alone. It is also the time we may pursue new studies or learning new skills or hobbies. If you don’t respect this energy it will find ways to slow you down. Getting extra sleep, increasing your mediation practice and creating space for inner reflection will make for a more peaceful feeling during this time period.

Anastasia shared that as she transitions into July she can already feel herself wanting to pull back from social commitments to spend quiet time alone. At work she was asked to write an article for an industry publication, which has proven to be a task a bit out of her comfort zone. It has caused her to pause and do some research to gain deeper knowledge about her new career path.

Additionally, in June, a friend (the energy of the 6) recommended some spiritual recordings (energy of the 7) for Anastasia to explore. She has begun listening to them and has found herself connecting with its themes of letting go and making peace with one’s past (the energy of her 9 year).

Check in later this month to see what else July’s 7 energy will teach Anastasia about her year of completion.

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Renee’s Story: 3 Year- “Creativity is the way to Live”


From the Series: The Changing Energies of our Life

Last week I introduced you to Anastasia who is currently in a 9 year. To illustrate how the different number energies can work in our lives, now I’d like you to meet Renee. Renee is in a 3 Personal Year. The energy of 3 is quite different from the 9 energy that we explored last week.

A 3 personal year is all about creative self-expression in every form: writing, speaking, dancing, music, and art. It is also about connecting to everything: people, places, nature, animals, etc. A 3 year can be a lighter and more playful. But, as with every number vibration, you can experience the positive potential of the number or the challenge of it. Having the knowledge and understanding of the different energies helps you to integrate what the energy wants from you into the circumstances of your life at the time. Sometimes that makes a very pleasant experience sometimes it causes contrast. The 3 personal year is all about learning to express yourself creatively, in a playful manner. It important to understand that 3 energy has a tendency to display self-doubt and self-criticism, so if these emotions come into play it is asking you to address it and learn from it. 3 energy does bring in luck and the ability to manifesting more easily.

The month of May was an 8 month for Renee. The energy of the 8 surrounds areas of work, power and money. In a 3 year, it can mean bringing more money in through creative avenues. It can also mean spending more money in playful endeavors or accumulating expenses brought on by the 8 energy. In a 3 year, the energy of the 8 can be a catalyst for forward movement in career and finances by using a creative approach to further business interests. It also can mean that advancements usually will come from friends and social networking which will unlock doors for new work or financial opportunities.

In her 8 month, Renee saw much of this energy come to play. She has recently started increasing her income by beginning a side venture as a freelance writer. (3 energy) However, as a homeowner, Renee saw a lot of unexpected expenses arise for home repairs and maintenance (8 energy). As new money came in, it went out just as quickly. This is notorious for the 3 and 8 energy. Earlier in her 3 year, Renee started to expand the networking groups she is involved in. As summer begins, her network gatherings have increased and her social calendar is filling up more quickly. (definitely 3 energy working at it’s best).

June is a 9 month for Renee. As we saw with Anastasia last week, 9 energy brings opportunities for closure, resolution and to purge the things in our life that no longer serve the greatest and highest good. In her three year, Renee can see this energy bringing in matters of selflessness and humanitarianism. Charitable giving and volunteerism are core themes in Renee’s life already, so she could see this month bringing about completion in some of those areas, while she sees others expand. She already began to see this energy at play early in June when she expanded her role as a registered therapy dog handler with her personal companion dogs to become part of a national team of therapy animal team evaluators, helping to expand animal assisted therapy services throughout the state.

As June unfolds for Renee, the energy of the 9 will continue to ask her to be charitable, open-minded, tolerant and forgiving and it will do this by bringing opportunities/experiences to help her understand better. It may also ask her to reflect on those areas of her life that require compassionate completion to make room for expanded ventures or new opportunities through creative endeavors that the 1 energy will bring in July.

Stay tuned to see how the 3/9 energy in Renee’s life this month helps ready her for what is in store for her in July!

If you are interested in what your personal year is text me (207)907-5446 your birthdate and I will calculate it for you. Remember, you can calculate your own personal year by adding the single digits of the month and day of your year to the number of the Universal Year being 1 energy. Renee’s birthday is August 3rd. Her personal year is calculated by: August (08) birthday (3) and then the universal year of (1). (8+3-1=12; 1+2=3). Note: never add together the master numbers of 11 and 22.

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Series: The Changing Energies in our Life Anastasia’s 9 Personal Year Story Part One

“In the end, we find our beginning”

In life, change is constant. That is the one thing we know for sure.

Transitioning from one day, one month and one year to the next brings about many changes in our lives, relationships, and in the world around us. Change can cause anxiety, confusion, and sadness, but it can also bring about resolution or exciting new beginnings.

Change is a guarantee. If we can learn to understand, anticipate, and embrace it, then we can better navigate the changes that inevitably will wave in and out of our life. We will see our life expand and shift in amazing, inspiring and positive ways.

Numerology is a tool that can help us do just that.

Meet Anastasia, for example. Anastasia is in a 9 personal year. Nine years are about completion, release and transformation. It is time to purge what no longer is serving Anastasia’s highest and greatest good. Those themes will be the main energy that is governing Anastasia’s life for most of her 2017. The energies that will be flowing into her life each month will serve as the undertone of her nine energy helping her reach closure and completion in certain areas of her life. If she chooses to use and lean into this energy, she can experience significant transformation in these areas as she transitions into her 1 year in 2018; a year of new beginnings. This year’s 9 energy can help her open and make room for new things to take root in her life next year.

May was a 5 month for Anastasia. The energy of the 5 is asking her to expand and be flexible. It is the number that seeks freedom. For Anastasia, the 5 energy works within her 9 year to open her to new adventures and experiences allowing her to have some respite from the emotional energy the 9 can cause. However, if she needs to be aware that if misdirected, this energy can also lead to addictive behaviors or consumption of food and alcohol in excess. Anastasia worked her 5 energy well in May. She recently transitioned to a job that allows her much more flexibility in her schedule. She is learning how to leverage this shift in positive ways as she adjusts to having a more flexible and open availability while creating new boundaries to set achievable work goals. She has used this time and space to begin pursuing her dream of starting her own business as a personal trainer. Numerology suggests she hold off until October to launch her business as it is a 1 personal month and will support a new beginning. Also, Anastasia has used this energy and time to begin setting details into motion for travel and summer road trips.

As Anastasia moves into June surrounded by 6 energy, she will see a focus on family, friends, home and community. She has already begun to feel this energy activate within her life. She has been cleaning and purging closets, redecorating and recently adopted a new cat . One of the ways Anastasia could consider using the energy of the 6 during her 9 year is to leverage it within communication within relationships, helping resolve any issues and letting go. Like many of us, Anastasia has been challenged by certain patterns of behavior between some of her immediate family members. The 6 energy supports her to help finally resolve or find some peace with those issues that exist in her familial relationships.

Stay tuned to see how Anastasia leverages her 6 energy this month and to find out what is waiting for her in the month of July!

Note: You can calculate your own personal year by adding the single digits of the month and day of your year to the number of the Universal Year. 2017 is a 1. For example, Anastasia’s birthday is December 14th. Her personal year is calculated by: December 1+2=3 then 1+4=5 and then the universal year of 1. (3+5+1=9). Note: never add together the master numbers of 11 and 22.
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Tomorrow’s Energy Can Help Lily Today

Lily is a highly sensitive individual with strong empathetic tendencies. Listening to the news, bearing witness to, or experiencing trauma can be very painful for someone like Lily. She is so sensitive that just hearing of such experiences could cause her actual physical pain. As a mother, Julia can provide support, compassion and alternative outlets to help Lily process and control the impact that such events and experiences and events can have on her.

With her 8 energy, Lily performs quite well as a student in school. However, the 3 energy that she has will challenge her to stay grounded in her studies, so Julia should expect that Lily will have to work quite hard to excel the way she wants to. Lily will be motivated by studies that involve science, math and research so supporting Lily in those areas of interest is encouraged.

As Lily enters the age of 13 she will be in an 11/2 year. She will experience or undergo a major change and new beginning of some sort. She will struggle to process this change and the loss that will come with it. She may perceive it as a trauma.

In talking with Julia, it is possible this loss or change revolves around the recent event where Lily’s best friend moved away abruptly. She has been struggling to process the loss of her best friend and to move forward in her life without her best friend by her side.

As this year continues to unfold, around August, something new and some kind of personal spiritual awakening will occur in Lily’s life and will help her reconstruct her life as she knows it.

This year will be a particularly sensitive year for Lily. As she tries to process the events that occur in her life and align them with her intuitive and empathic inclinations, she will need Julia’s nurturing support to provide her with comfort and guidance.

Helping Lily find activities or healthy self- care and coping strategies will be important. For example, something as simple as connecting Lily with different kinds of healing stones that carry grounding energy can give her a tangible way to refocus her energies. Lily will be inclined to withdraw and shut down when she is struggling with her negative emotions so it  will be important as well for Julia to encourage Lily to reach out and find people, activities, or ways to positively connect to her world that can bring her healing and joy.

Next year will be a year full of independence, fun, joy, and playfulness for Lily. So helping her positively grow and successfully understand the sensitivities and difficulties brought on by this year will ready her for much happiness next year.

Julia and Lily can continue to deepen their mother-daughter relationship if they remain open and communicative with each other about the energies that make them each who they are and how those energies come into play within their relationships and the worlds they interact with. Through such understanding, Julia can help encourage her daughter’s natural gifts while she manages the challenges entering her life so she grow and live a life that fulfills her deepest heart’s desires.

We hope you have enjoyed our Parenting series and have learned a little bit more about how numerology can help guide and deepen your relationship within your relationships. If you have a specific parenting question that you would like answered through numerology, email or text Sue today!


The Challenges Ahead for Lily

Lily’s expression energy embodies play, spirit and creative expression. She will be challenged her entire life with the energy of the 4, which craves structure and order. Throughout her life, Lily will be challenged as she learns to balance her playful core energy with more grounding energy. However, if she chooses to remain open and embrace her playful and light-hearted energy, it will help her tap into her intuitive nature enabling her to deepen her spiritual connections and strengthen and hone her psychic gifts.

Additionally, 3 energy tends to be scattered; full of big creative ideas but struggle to ever get any of them off the ground. However, the 4 energy in her life should help ground her so her ideas and ambitions can take root and ultimately blossom.

When Lily enters her late twenties, until her mid thirties she will have a 0 challenge number. This means that her soul is not sure what lessons it will want or need to grow or learn from during that time. Therefore, she will be open to the energies that will come in through her personal year numbers and her first pinnacle.

We have four pinnacles throughout our individual life path, each that lasts for extended period of time and represents a particular lesson we are here to work on.  At the time Lily is in her first Challenge with 0 energy, her first pinnacle will possess 5 energy, which focuses on freedom. It is a time when she will be drawn to events, choices, and activities that help her soul expand freely.

However, without understanding that energy and how it can interplay with her core energies, it could send Lily down a path of extreme partying, drinking, etc. The energy of the 5 is challenged by grounding energy and anything that seems to be too restrictive. It is an energy that facilitates exploration and self discovery.  So, this could mean that Lily may be in school for a long time as she discovers her path. Or, it could also could mean she will not settle down and start a family of her own until she is older.

The energies that Lily has coming into her life during her first pinnacle when combined with her core energies indicate that she is independent, a spiritual warrior, creator and innovator.

Being able to foresee the energies and challenges that will surround Lily’s adult life, Julia can help begin building a foundation of awareness in Lily’s life today. If Julia can help Lily understand the energies that shape her and motivate her, and how they can also challenge her, then she can offer guidance and support that eases the burden or struggles that those energies may create. We will explore some of the ways Julia can help Lily as she enters her teenage years, next week in the conclusion of our Parenting series.


Discovering Lily Through Her Heart’s Desire

In addition to our Life Path number, our expression number is one of our core numbers. Based on the letters of our full name at birth, it reveals our talents and abilities.

Lily’s talents and abilities are illustrated through the number combination 25/7. The number 25 is a highly spiritual number that tells Julia her daughter is a natural healer, very empathetic with a strong intuition and heightened senses. She has a deep desire to understand things below the surface so professions and interests that allow her to research and dig deeper would be an ideal fit for Lily.

Lily’s expression number adds up to a 30/3. The number 3 is often described as the number that carries “Peter Pan” energy. Individuals that possess 3 energy are playful, social, extremely likable, fun and have a great sense of humor. Because Lily carries strong 3 energy, creative expression will be important. Exploring activities and engaging in modalities that can help her express herself through words or art have the ability to bring her much happiness and joy. Hobbies or vocations that involve writing, fashion design, or working with children and animals are a perfect fit for someone like Lily with strong 3 energy.

Raising a child with strong 3 energy can be a challenge because they will resist any efforts that push them to grow up. Also, individuals with 3 energy tend to be very self critical. Therefore, in a parenting role, it will be extremely important for Julia to find ways to teach Lily self-compassion and to help her build strong self esteem. It will also be crucial for Julia to balance her desire to help her daughter grow and mature into an adult without urging her to completely sacrifice her playful inclinations and more creative endeavors.

Last week we learned that Lily’s life path number carried 8 energy. When combined with her expression number of a 3, activities like landing the lead in a school play would help a child like Lily shine. She can tap into her artistic and creative nature while also being a leader and standing out in a crowd.

As we look deeper into Lily’s expression number, we can uncover her heart’s desire  through the vowels in her name. Our heart’s desire number connects us to our innermost yearning and to the dreams, values and ideas that we hold closest to our heart. It can reveal our true motivation and intention behind our actions as it directs the choices we make in all aspects of our life.

Lily’s Heart’s Desire number is a 9 which tells us she is a humanitarian. She will be that child who wants to care for and adopt stray animals and to help anyone in need. She will always seek out those she can help.  When combined with the energy of her Life Path, her expression energy that highlights her intuitive and empathetic nature, and with inclinations towards leadership and ambition, Lilly will ultimately be motivated by her desire to help others. Understanding how these energies all work together, can give Julia insight in how to guide her daughters interests and choices. For example, encouraging Lily toward a career as a veterinarian would be an ideal fit for how all of her energies work together.

A parenting challenge for Julia as she nurtures a child with Heart’s Desire energy of a 9, is that while they tend to be very evolved beings here to do important work, they can also be very dramatic, especially when things don’t go there way. Showing these individuals like Lily unconditional love will be critical in building and deepening relationships with them.

Now that we Julia has some insight into her daughter Lily’s core energies through her Life Path and Expression numbers, next week we will now explore the future challenges that exist for Lily and how those energies can be used to guide her through the different transitions she will experience in her life.


Numerology as a Parenting Guide

When faced with parenting challenges, we often quip about how kids don’t come with an instruction manual and how much easier child rearing would be if they did. But what if each of us did come with some kind of instruction manual? One that not only helped us understand and guide our children as we raise them, but also gave us a deeper awareness about ourselves within each unique parent-child relationship? That gift is exactly what numerology can unlock for each of us; a sort of guide book to help us better understand the energies that make us who we are, that flow in and out of our lives, and that influence our choices. Numerology can be a powerful tool, allowing us to better understand our children and the energies that exist between us and each of our sons and daughters.

 A Personal Reading with Julia and Lily

Meet Julia. Julia has a daughter, Lily, who is about to turn 13. Curious as to what lies ahead for her daughter as she enters this next major developmental stage, she reached out to numerology as a way to gain greater insight into her daughter to help her navigate the challenges and lean into the joys of becoming a teenager. Over the next few weeks we will explore Lily’s energies through numerology to illustrate just how numbers can create insight and guidance for our lives through the lens of one mother-daughter relationship.

First, we look at Lily’s core energy, the energy that makes her who she is and sets the foundation for understanding all the other energies that exist, and will come to exist, in her life. Her Life Path Number, which is derived from the month, day and year of birth, is the number that reveals a broad outline of the opportunities, challenges and lessons she will encounter during this lifetime. When understood, it can be used to encourage her personal growth.

Lily’s Life Path numbers are a 17/8 which highlights matters of power, money material success and business. This life path tells us that Lily wants to be a leader and she possesses the energy of a fighter; someone who is determined and ambitious enough to reach whatever goals she sets for herself. The energy around these numbers can be very intense, so as she develops, helping her to find positive outlets for this energy is encouraged. For example:  Julia’s support of Lily in activities like athletics would be one way to help her daughter release and manage such energies.

Lily’s life path also indicates that she us a good judge of character and will easily able to identify the people in her life that can help her grow and help her get to where she wants to be. As a mother, Julia can help her understand and trust this natural instinct, which will build Lily’s confidence in trusting her intuition around the people and relationships that enter her life. The number 8 in Lily’s Life Path reflects that of the survivor; someone who is strong and resilient despite any setbacks experienced. From each fall, Lilly will learn. So, it will be important for Julia to allow Lily to make mistakes and, as her mother, help her learn and grow from each mistake made.

Parenting will present its challenges at time for a daughter like Lily, but with a deeper awareness of who Lily is at the core, Julia can learn to parent with more patience and compassion. She can also help guide Lily by teaching her mindfulness around ambitious endeavors and reminding her that it is just as important to work towards your goals as it is to connect and nurture the relationships of the people around you. As we celebrate our relationship with our mothers this month, we will continue to explore numerology as a tool to help Julia deepen her relationship with her daughter, Lily. Next week, we will explore how Julia can nurture, guide and activate the energies that influence Lily’s talents, ambitions and heart’s desires as she enters her teen years and transitions into adulthood.


How Does Numerology Help Me Understand My Twins?

I had a great question emailed to me: “I have twins, how does a Numerology reading help me to understand them better?”

Great question! Your twins were born on the same day, but have different names. They have chosen to go down a lifepath together, that will bring in similar experiences, adventures, opportunities, and challenges, but they will express themselves differently in how they go down this path. As we all know, twins are very connected energetically and it’s through numerology that we can see that connection.

How many times do you hear where one twin is very extroverted and the other introverted – it’s the way the expression is playing out.

If you have twins, triplets or know of someone, maybe a friend or relative, write to me and share how you see the similarities/differences or get a reading to understand them more fully.

Keep those questions coming! Text me at (207) 907-5446 or email