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Mastering our Personal Year Gardens

Stacey: Last month we looked at the different energies of each Personal Year. What experiences with your own personal year energy, past and present, can you share with us?

Sue:  First, it’s important to remember that Personal Years occur in 9 year epicycles. If we think of it like working in a garden the first year we plant the seeds, set our goals and envision what we want it to look like at harvest; in year 2 we must demonstrate patience to allow the magic to happen; this helps the seed to grow; in our 3 year we begin to see manifestation from what we have planted; year 4 is about work, work, and more work, weeding and rototilling;  the 5th year is the year that we can choose to make changes , and often times changes are made for us; in the 6 year, we nurture, share our garden with family and friends and even ask them to help in our garden; in year 7 we stop and think about how we can make it better, contemplating, researching, studying; in the 8th year, we reap what we sow- if we put the work in we will get a good return; and then finally, in year 9, we clear out our garden so it is ready for us to plant a new one the next year.  There is a possibility that in your lifetime you will experience these 9 epicycles, 9 or 10 times.    

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A Personal Q & A to Get to Know Your Numerologist, Sue Coffin 

As a new year begins and I continue to share my passion and knowledge of numerology with you, I feel it is important for you to get to know me on a deeper, more personal level. My hope is that doing so will help you forge a stronger trust in me and a deeper understanding in Numerology itself, therefore expanding your openness to it and learning how it can empower and improve your own life.

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Personal Years 5 and 6: Leaning into Change and Finding Work-Life Balance

This week we return to looking at Personal Year energy and review the energy around the Personal 5 and 6 years. Remember, knowing your Personal Energy is a great tool for guidance. Working with Personal Year Energy is a wonderful way to understand how to lean in and go with the flow of your life rather than clash against it.

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Personal Years 3 and 4: Creativity and Building Foundations

As we continue to look a bit closer at Personal Year energy, this week we explore the energy around the Personal 3 and 4 years. It is important to note that the Personal Year Cycle runs from January 1 – December 31—not from birthday to birthday, even though many people do find that the energy related to their Personal Year intensifies around their birthday.

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Renee’s Personal Year Story: Finding Your Inner Creator

From the Series: The Changing Energies of our Lives

“My readings with Sue have given me an awareness of what energy is surrounding me and how the universe is asking me to respond at a given time. I have been challenged by the emotional side of my Personal 3 year energy, finding it difficult to lean into it and experience the joy, buoyancy, creativity and playfulness it promises. So, knowing that August’s 11/2 energy was asking me to slow down, go inward, connect with spirit and engage in activities of self- care provided me with a consciousness to make a dedicated effort to do just that. The result has been uplifting and re-energizing.”

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