Healing Numbers


Renee’s Story: 3 Year- “Creativity is the way to Live”


From the Series: The Changing Energies of our Life

Last week I introduced you to Anastasia who is currently in a 9 year. To illustrate how the different number energies can work in our lives, now I’d like you to meet Renee. Renee is in a 3 Personal Year. The energy of 3 is quite different from the 9 energy that we explored last week.

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Series: The Changing Energies in our Life Anastasia’s 9 Personal Year Story Part One

“In the end, we find our beginning”

In life, change is constant. That is the one thing we know for sure.

Transitioning from one day, one month and one year to the next brings about many changes in our lives, relationships, and in the world around us. Change can cause anxiety, confusion, and sadness, but it can also bring about resolution or exciting new beginnings.

Change is a guarantee. If we can learn to understand, anticipate, and embrace it, then we can better navigate the changes that inevitably will wave in and out of our life. We will see our life expand and shift in amazing, inspiring and positive ways.

Numerology is a tool that can help us do just that.

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Tomorrow’s Energy Can Help Lily Today

Lily is a highly sensitive individual with strong empathetic tendencies. Listening to the news, bearing witness to, or experiencing trauma can be very painful for someone like Lily. She is so sensitive that just hearing of such experiences could cause her actual physical pain. As a mother, Julia can provide support, compassion and alternative outlets to help Lily process and control the impact that such events and experiences and events can have on her.

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Discovering Lily Through Her Heart’s Desire

In addition to our Life Path number, our expression number is one of our core numbers. Based on the letters of our full name at birth, it reveals our talents and abilities.

Lily’s talents and abilities are illustrated through the number combination 25/7. The number 25 is a highly spiritual number that tells Julia her daughter is a natural healer, very empathetic with a strong intuition and heightened senses. She has a deep desire to understand things below the surface so professions and interests that allow her to research and dig deeper would be an ideal fit for Lily.

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Numerology as a Parenting Guide

When faced with parenting challenges, we often quip about how kids don’t come with an instruction manual and how much easier child rearing would be if they did. But what if each of us did come with some kind of instruction manual? One that not only helped us understand and guide our children as we raise them, but also gave us a deeper awareness about ourselves within each unique parent-child relationship? That gift is exactly what numerology can unlock for each of us; a sort of guide book to help us better understand the energies that make us who we are, that flow in and out of our lives, and that influence our choices. Numerology can be a powerful tool, allowing us to better understand our children and the energies that exist between us and each of our sons and daughters.

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Parent/Child Numerology Reading

When I do a Parent/Child reading, I read both Parent and Child’s Numerology chart together. I am looking at the compatible energy versus energy that might be causing conflict in your relationship. I’m looking at ways to help you as a parent understand your child’s energy and allow you to ask questions that will help alleviate some of those problems and misunderstood feelings that cause parents to questions their parenting skills.

Looking at their heart’s desire explains to us what makes them happy, what motivates them, what keeps their spirits up. I have read that if all therapists knew this number, therapy could be cut in half.

Knowing their challenge number allows you as a parent to address issues that can help them have success over what feels complicated to them. If you overcome that challenge it can become your biggest asset in life.

Example: If a child had a 4 challenge – he/she is looking for structure. Change comes hard for them so keeping a nice routine will do wonders, but helping them to understand in a slow and steady pace that adding variety and being a bit flexible can also be fun. Honesty is the best policy, don’t beat around the bush, keep those promises or don’t make them. They can be very stubborn children, you as a parent earn their respect through respect for them, that’s communication and coming up with a game plan that’s on paper so everybody can follow it systematically. That might sound crazy but I guarantee it will help. Siblings need to allow their brother/sister to have his/her own space. This child really needs his own bedroom/corner/something that is just his because details are very important and his/her space will give them peace. It allows them organized space.

We look at their talents and abilities. Are they happy being in groups or more happy working by themselves. Do they like sports, painting, dancing, singing, computer science, working with animals, working in the gardens. The 4 energy would be very happy working outside taking care of the details of their own vegetable or flower container garden.

How about our step-children? Why is it hard to understand them? Bottom line is their energy is different than that of the step-parent. Numerology readings can bring much knowledge to understanding what those differences are and how best to bring your parenting skills to the forefront for that child.

Being an advocate for a non-verbal child/adult would be a dream come true for me. Talking with a mom/dad to explain different aspects of a child’s energy and allowing them to hear from somebody that they have never met, what they probably already know about their child, is validation that brings deeper the love for that child.

I’m have an overabundance of 6 energy, in the energy that makes me who I am. My love for family, friends, community, children, animals is off the charts. I have 2 biological grown children, 3 grown step-children and 5 grandchildren. No question or problem is going to throw me. I have had my own trials and tribulations on all sides. I just wish I had had a numerologist that I could have turned to when I was raising my kids. I would have understood more about them, which would have empowered me to make better decisions for them. Having the knowledge to love my kids for who they were, not for what I thought they should be, would have been huge for all of us.

By having a numerology reading done I will be able to take you and your child to the next level of understanding each other.