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“The Hidden Power In Numerology,” written by Kevin Quinn Avery, DMS

As a numerologist – “We cannot change your life, or the life of those around you, only you can do that. Having the knowledge of what your life is all about, what you have to learn, how you have to live and what the aspects will be on your path in the future, will enable persons using their own free will to make decisions that will change their path into one of happiness and joy instead of misery and strife. Certain things that cannot be overcome can at least be prepared for. One often wonders why one day at the Ritz, the next in the poorhouse. These are the ups and downs of life that have been plotted before birth, that can be prepared for by those with the knowledge. To those scoffers who think numerology or astrology are just interesting games, let them find their own course to follow. The knowledge of life is all around us. Those with the knowledge will have better lives.”

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Inside a Student Reading

study-763571_1280Let me share with you a student reading for Michael, age 28. 

7 Lifepath

7 Birthdate

6 Expression

Michael has a 7 Life path and 7 Birthday. This would tell me that Michael is a very intelligent person, always seeking knowledge, looking beneath the surface for information. Michael loves to read, and probably has a library of books specializing in subjects such as science, math, religious philosophy, metaphysical science, technology. As a matter of fact, being a Librarian would be a perfect job for Michael. He is very analytic which means he need solid forms of information. Michael needs to understand that not everything is black and white, and one of the challenges he faces is to not distrust so much. Information that he receives from others is only that until he analyzes it and makes it right in his own mind. It’s important that Michael have his space and quiet time and this is misunderstood by many.

The 6 Expression clearly shows that Michael has come to be of service to family, friends and community. His love of children and animals is obvious to anybody who knows him. Intuition is very strong. With the 7 Life Path (knowledge) this could put Michael on a path such as a veterinarian, pediatrician, research scientist, physician, nurse, teacher – any career that is specialized and specializes in helping others, because the 6 energy is all about taking care of others. Michael would also be comfortable having a career that would allow him to work on his own such as a home-based business, maybe specializing in technology, writing software for children, website design, child psychology, or a stay-at-home dad for just a few suggestions. I would also recommend to Michael that writing a non-fiction children’s book could serve as an outlet for his love of knowledge and children.

Let Numerology Relieve the Stress of Christmas Gifting!

Let Numerology help relieve the stress of Christmas gifting! Find the birthday of the gift recipient below and discover the perfect gift based on their Life Path!


Life Path 1

For Birthdays falling on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th of any month

Colors: Burgundy – Red

Gem: Ruby

Keywords: Independent, original, strong-willed, type A personality, chooses always to be #1.

Number ones are energetic and usually love to exercise; a gift certificate to the gym, exercise clothes, shoes, equipment for home would be perfect or a fitness monitor to wear while exercising. Self-defense classes. They are big sport fans – buying memorabilia or tickets to a game usually will bring a smile. With all that energy there is stress, so give them a gift of massage therapy, essential oil therapy, pedicure. A good autobiography relating to people who take on challenges and win. These folks want nothing but the best – so one good gift that help them to show off the #1 status will be a hit.


Life Path 2

For Birthdays falling on the 2nd, 11th, 22nd, or 29th of any month

Colors: Orange, peach, salmon, gold

Gem: Moonstone – gold

Keywords: Considerate, Patient, Sentimental, Loving, intuitive

An easy person to buy for as they will be very appreciative of anything given. Romance is the keyword, male or female. A quiet night out on the town with the one they love, a romance novel or DVD, a picture frame filled with loved ones. Champagne and glasses, massage, candles. 2’s are collectors, adding to their collection is heartfelt to them. Books on intuition as they are very intuitive. Dance lesson with the one they love.

A sincere letter stating your feelings will bring them to tears. 2’s don’t like to spend money so the simpler the gift the more meaningful it is to them. A gift given to them from the heart will never be forgotten.


Life Path 3

For Birthdays falling on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, or 30th of any month

Colors: Yellow, Gold, Lemon

Gem: Topaz

Keywords: Creative, gift with words, emotional, optimistic, happy, social

The 3 loves to socialize so getting tickets to any type of social event is wonderful. Improv, art, theater classes allows them to express their creativity. 3’s enjoy being in the spotlight and love to look good, so big and bold in clothing. A gift certificate for a hair stylist, manicure, pedicure – even better if there is an extra gift certificate for their friend as 3’s aren’t ones to go alone – they like company. Animals and children bring out the youthful energy in a 3 so make sure those are also included in your holidays.


Life Path 4

For Birthdays falling on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, or 31st of any month

Colors: Greens

Gem: Emerald, Green Jade

Keywords: Practical, Orderly, Disciplined, Cautious

Being practical and down to earth, gifts for a #4 have to be useful. Tools to use in the garden, items to help grow plants in the house, herbs, house plants, garden boots, garden books. A bouquet of flowers is not practical but house plants can be nurtured and are usually not as expensive. They love gifts that help them to stay organized and neat like a tablet, family planners, calendars, labelers, a special writing pen. Earthy items like pottery dishes, coffee cup. If you’re lost as to what to buy a 4, just ask – they would be more than happy to write out a list for you.


Life Path 5

For Birthdays falling on the 5th, 14th, or 23rd of any month

Colors: Turquoise

Gem: Turquoise, Aquamarine

Keywords: Enthusiastic, Active, Freedom-loving, Sensual, Adventurous

5’s love to have fun and love to travel. Now if getting in the car and heading out isn’t an option, 5’s love to read about many different things, especially adventures. Take them to a wine tasting party, a fine restaurant. 5’s are multi-talented, curious, and very good with their words. They enjoy the challenge of technology, any tablet or new cell phone will keep them busy for hours. 5’s usually are very good cooks so fancy kitchen tools, recipe books, cooking DVDs are all great options. A 5 is pretty vocal so usually by just listening they will tip you off to what they are interested in at this time.


Life Path 6

For Birthdays falling on the 6th, 15th, or 24th of any month

Colors: Blue, Royal blue, Indigo

Gem: Blue Sapphire, Pearl, Diamond

Keywords: Love of family and home, artistic, kind, stable, wise

Any gift pertaining to their family or home. The kitchen is where the family’s heart is – 6’s love to cook, so kitchen items, specialty foods, herbs, pots and pan, recipe books are all good choices. 6’s make a home inviting and comfortable – you can add to that with family photos, pillows, essential oil diffuser, candles. Give a family photo calendar. 6’s are also artistic and musical. Craft projects, woodworking tools, lessons to learn an instrument. I think the best gift for a 6 is to have their family be together enjoying each other’s company.


Life Path 7

For Birthdays falling on the 7th, 16th, or 25th of any month

Colors: Purple (Violet)

Gem: Alexandrite – Amethyst

Keywords: Spiritual, Intellectual, Inner wisdom, Intuitive, Private, Reserved

When a 7 gets ahold of a subject they enjoy they usual can’t read enough about it. So if you can find out what your 7 is studying, a good first edition book of that subject would be amazing. If spirituality interest them, a numerology/psychic reading would be fun (click here for details on a Numerology Reading gift certificate). Sage sticks, tarot cards, crystals, metaphysical books, water fountain. If their thinking is more analytical or technology driven, a Kindle, reading lamp, peanuts to have by their chair where they sit for hours to read. Brain games and puzzles are also good choices.


Life Path 8

For Birthdays falling on the 8th, 17th, or 26th of any month

Colors: Rose, Red-Pink, Mauve

Gem: Diamond

Keywords: Ambitious, Businesslike, Intelligent, Efficient, Problem Solver

8’s never let their guard down – they’re always thinking and looking the part of business, which is very important to them. Anything that can enhance the look of an executive is welcomed. They are athletic – a gym membership, golf membership. Any equipment that encourages exercise helps them relieve stress. Intelligent and looking for better ways to improve themselves and their business ways, so books that encourage business are great. Magazine subscriptions to Forbes, Fortune, INC. are great gifts. A nice bottle of expensive liquor, clothing, jewelry. The 8 likes nothing but the best, so get out your wallet.

I did a study last year and it was the business people, the 8’s, that really took an interest to Numerology and its science for helping them better themselves in their business. A gift certificate for a Numerology Reading would be perfect! Click here to order!


Life Path 9

For Birthdays falling on the 9th, 18th, or 27th of any month

Colors: Orange, Yellow, Gold, Saffron

Gem: Opal

Keywords: Faith, Compassion, Tenderness, Multi-Talented, Artistic, Drama

The 9 thinks on a global level. Give a donations to a charity in their name. A gift that is made from the land, free-trade coffee, basket, jewelry. They are humanitarians so helping them help the world brings joys. Artistic supplies, charcoal drawings, crystals, literary art books, going with them on Christmas day to support their organization that they are so active in – these are all great choices.


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Cornerstone of a Name: Letter B

letters_bJust by looking at the first letter of your name, we can explain some of your characteristics and how you approach opportunities and handle different obstacles in your life.

The Letter B – You are kind and sincere with many friends to prove that. You appear shy and quiet to others. You’re most comfortable staying in the background. Your ultimate goal is to sustain peace and harmony. Your challenge is standing up for what you believe in and not letting others direct your course in life.

In Other Words – A Personal Year Reading

I reached out to a few clients to see what they learned following a reading. Here’s what one client had to say:

“Personal year readings have helped me understand and accept the energy I’m working with on a daily basis. The past year has been filled with shifts and changes in all areas of my life. The readings give depth to thoughts and feelings I intuitively have been picking up on when tuning into my inner world. Understanding the energies that come with each number allow me to accept what I am often inclined to fight against. For example, I have been able to give myself permission to focus on endings when I knew I was in a 9 year and a 9 month instead of forcing myself to start something new as my logic – not my gut – wanted me too. This has given me the opportunity to live in harmony with the energy around me which has resulted in a greater satisfaction in life.”

~Molly, Arizona

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A Look Inside a Numerology Reading: Adam’s Birthday

We’ve been walking through a hypothetical reading with “Adam” in past blog posts. (I’ll clue you in – this energy belongs to John Adam Belushi, who I believe is one of the greatest talents. He chose some interesting energy to work on during this lifetime.) Click here to check out his Lifepath reading. Now we’ll take a look at his birthday.

Adam’s birthday shows us his natural talents and abilities. He has a 24/6 birthday because he was born on the 24th, so we add 2+4 = 6. As a numerologist I am looking at how that 6 is vibrating by being aware of the 2 and 4.

Here’s how his 24/6 birthday would be broken down:

You are not afraid of putting a hard day’s work in, being generous with your time and kindness. You enjoy and feel the need to take care of others. Many doctors and nurses have 6 energy around them. People gravitate to you for help with their problems. You listen well and have an intuitive way of guiding them in the right direction. You are a strong believer in that everybody deserves to be loved and given a chance. You are the one who will fight and stand up for the underdog.

You’re a straight shooter when it comes to giving advice. Honesty and integrity allows people to befriend you and trust your ability to counsel them when in need. This is an emotional energy that brings in intuitive abilities. The ability to see both sides to the story gives you the advantage of knowing how to console somebody. You are musically inclined but sometimes put it on the backburner.

You have the ability to work well with others. You’re self-disciplined, organized and your ability to manage situations is a big part of your nature.

My advice to Adam is to be careful with feeling the need to take care of everybody. Not everybody needs your help and sometimes it’s just not appropriate. Everybody is on their own journey and that needs to be respected. On the other side, be careful you are not taken advantage of because of your goodwill. Self-love is very important for the 6 energy to understand.

Next month we will discuss Adam’s Expression number, which shows us “what we have come here to do.” It’s our life’s purpose and field of opportunity.

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Compatibility in the Business World

Compatibility is understanding another’s energy, whether it’s the person you wake up with every morning, or the person you work with every day, or the friend you call when you have a problem. Why do we connect easily to some and not to others – ENERGY. Numerology is brilliant in unlocking that mystery.

I pulled two random charts to help you understand compatibility using fictional names. Sally contacts me and wants to know why she has problems communicating with Karen at work. Working closely together, it has made work difficult for Sally.

The first position I start with is the Heart’s Desire – this is what makes us internally happy and when happy we are motivated to perform well.

Sally has a 1 Heart’s Desire – Sally is independent, taking all problems head on intelligently, enjoying the obstacles that need to be solved. She’s hard working with a lot of energy. Sally is not a follower and is probably trying to navigate her business skills to climb the corporate ladder. Being the one in the office that comes up with multiple ideas and confidently explaining each and every one, but she also needs those people around her to help her complete them. Sally really would do well owning her own business as this is the entrepreneur energy.

Any business is blessed hiring someone with 1 energy but I would strongly suggest to Sally to be careful in how she does this as that 1 energy has a tendency to be aggressive in getting what they want. Once an idea is in her mind she is like a dog with a bone and she will keep that bone no matter who is in her way. It’s important that Sally remembers she can’t stand on the island alone and be successful. Learning patience and accepting others for what they are will speed up her advancements.

Karen has a 9 Hearts Desire. Karen works at trying to please everybody, wanting everything to be perfect. The humanitarian. Emotional, sensitive, and intuitive – a great judge of character. 9 energy is multi-talented and dreams of being on stage. Her stage is the world and she thinks big when it comes to taking care of others, which sometimes takes away from where she is at work. The 9 energy is about forgiveness and letting go – when someone holds on to things too long resentment comes forward and emotions, drama, and a very unhappy person emerges.

Sally needs to be aware that:

1. Karen thinks and makes decisions with her emotions, not the intellectual side like Sally. I think this is the biggest thing that Sally needs to understand.

2. Karen would be happiest where she is able to interact helping customers/clients through their problems. She’s intuitive and a good judge of character. A great asset to any team.

3. Karen likes things done with perfection, so does Sally, but perfection is different for each of them. One is emotional and the other analytical. One wants to be hugged and the other is alone trying to figure out a solution. That’s huge.

4. Problems need to be addressed immediately because Karen will hold onto them and resentment and drama will transpire.

My advice to Sally would be to try to respect Karen’s emotions as she can be a great asset to her and the team. Emotions are uncomfortable for Sally but that’s what Karen operates on and so do many others. If she gives Karen a chance, Karen will be able to take her to places that you she might not see or understand in the business, try to use this as a learning experience and not fight it because she can’t change that emotional side in Karen. Sally needs to be patient with Karen and compliment her when there has been good work done. Karen will thrive on that and want to continue to do good. By using the ability Sally has to address problems as soon as they arise will help Karen to not have time to mull things over in her head, as this grows and becomes a monster. I believe if Sally softens up just a bit, explains to Karen that her aggressiveness isn’t to be taking personally, that’s who she is, this relationship can grow nicely. Opposing energies in an office can be a good thing if we understand them – if we all thought the same new ideas wouldn’t emerge and grow. Remember, compatibility doesn’t mean having somebody next to you that’s completely like you, compatibility is taking the time to learn what that person’s energy is, excepting the good and understanding the not so good.  It’s easier to walk away saying “that’s just Karen being Karen.”

Are they compatible? Most definitely. It just takes understanding of the energy.

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In Other Words – One Client’s Personal Year Feedback

I reached out to a few clients to see what they learned following a Personal Year reading. Here’s what one client had to say:

“This year, 2016, I entered into a monthly reading with Sue Coffin in how my energy was going to be tested and to become aware of what transpired during the month. I have always had an affinity for numbers, scenarios, chance meetings and predictions, but I have not really put much stock them. I will never be able to clarify how it works, but fortunately Sue has become very accomplished at doing so. On or around the first of each month, Sue contacts me and we spend time discussing what I have experienced in changes, business, love, family and personal growth during the prior month. We then shift gears and Sue provides me with the number associated with the month I am entering. I love the business aspect. An example would be that in September 2016, learning new things, increase in work production and awareness of not spreading myself to thin will be paramount. I listen to Sue, jot down some basic notes and then go about my month. At the end of each month I assess what has transpired and only then do I read my notes. Amazingly accurate and even though, as of this writing, I am only half way through September, I have experienced an increase in work and learning new systems for my clients. I have given much thought to why numerology works and I have concluded that awareness of change allows me to better understand who I am and not what I am not. Some months I feel fantastic and accomplish much, and other months I am stalled out and just showing up each day. I now know that it has everything to do with my numbers. Like September is a 6 and that rates high energy. I can feel it and my mind is clear and task oriented. If I oversaw a business I would enroll my key employees into a monthly session with Sue. They might be skeptical, but after a couple of months they would be more efficient and the business would be the beneficiary. I only wish I had this information when I was first entering into the corporate world. It would have been an invaluable guide for my professional journey or at the very least provide understanding of why things happen.”

~Richard Corey

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A Look Inside a Numerology Reading

Curious what a Numerology reading is all about? Let’s walk through a reading with “Adam.” The first number I look at is the Lifepath. I get this number by adding up the month, day and year of birth. The Lifepath is the energy that we bring in with us at birth to help us on our journey. It’s energy that is familiar and it strongest felt from birth to late 20’s.

Think of Numerology as your GPS for life, to help you navigate life’s highway. At the beginning the road is familiar. As you continue to drive (or grow older) you hit the interstate and start seeing things you don’t recognize. During that time, you see new opportunities to explore, you meet different people. Teenage years bring on those challenges and delays, bringing in that familiar waiting in traffic because of road construction. Sometimes we take a turn and head in the wrong direction or maybe we were giving the wrong directions – this is where numerology becomes your GPS. No matter what turn we make getting back to that familiar highway (Lifepath) will help us on our journey/mission.

“Adam” has a 3 Lifepath – he has strong creative expression especially with words, and he’s drawn to writing, acting and singing. When I see 3 in the Lifepath position I think comedian. He is more than likely very playful, care free, living in the moment, and the life of the party. Luck follows him and he always believes his glass is ½ full. Adam probably has an energy level that is through the roof for most of us.

Staying on the road could be hard for Adam because society thinks everybody need to act grown up.

Adam needs to find a balance with his playfulness to a certain degree. You can’t change who you are so it will be important that he finds that career that allows all that creative expression to come forward. If he marries he needs to find a partner who will always be his audience and have the ability to keep up with his energy. He needs to recognize and acknowledge when he feels scattered, and slow down enough to ground himself. Always remember not being who you are will only intensify your underlying anxiety and bring on depression. Let that anxiety feeling be your meter showing you are not on the right track.

We all know that person in our lives with 3 energy. Encourage them to have fun, learn from their playfulness and laugh with them.

Next month we will discuss Adam’s birthday – this shows us his natural talents and abilities.

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