Personal Year Story: Knocking on Anastasia’s Internal Door

From the Series: The Changing Energies of our Lives

 “As soon as September began, I have felt the double 9 energy strongly moving through my life,” says Anastasia. “If not for my readings with Sue, I would have really struggled to navigate what I was feeling. I spent the first week purging some strong emotional feelings and reactions to situations and relationships in my life. I actually felt myself emotionally slam some doors to things that are no longer serving me for the good.

All during her 9 year, Anastasia has been clearing out the old and making room for the new. The strong emotional purge she encountered early in the month is being supported by this 9 energy, helping her end or shift personal relationships in a way that will align her on her journey to her highest self.

“I’m no longer the person I was and I am beginning my life as the person I choose to be,” says Anastasia. “Knowing I am in a 9 energy has allowed me to lean into that feeling and know that it’s ok and this is what’s supposed to be happening and not fight the feeling.”

By the middle of the month, she should start to feel the energy shift around her moving her into a phase of “new beginnings”- the central energy of the 1 Personal Year. However, during September she will have the double energy of the 9 available to help her to let go of anything and everything that no longer serves her higher good, once and for all. This energy of completion can be in regards to relationships, career, or physical environment. Situations may surface in order to encourage and support those decisions that will impact the direction Anastasia wants her life to take in each of those areas. By this time, though, she should also start to feel glimmers of something ahead, knockings on her internal door, that may have otherwise felt elusive or were a struggle to take root the rest of the year.

This energy is also giving Anastasia permission slip to take a personal inventory of her life including her passions, sense of purpose, fears, regrets, mistakes, proud achievements. Everything. This can be a very emotionally turbulent time, so Anastasia is encouraged and advised to hold on to the sense of endless possibilities that await her in her Personal 1 year as she heads into the final throes of this cycle of completion.

What will Anastasia discover during her personal inventory as she enters this final stage in her year of completion? And what lessons and exciting new things sit on the horizon as she moves into her year of all possibilities?

Check back later this month to find out. In the meantime, schedule your personal reading on healingnumbers22.com website through Calendly. Readings are done by phone, video conference, or at the Blue Heron.



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Renee’s Personal Year Story: Finding Your Inner Creator

From the Series: The Changing Energies of our Lives

“My readings with Sue have given me an awareness of what energy is surrounding me and how the universe is asking me to respond at a given time. I have been challenged by the emotional side of my Personal 3 year energy, finding it difficult to lean into it and experience the joy, buoyancy, creativity and playfulness it promises. So, knowing that August’s 11/2 energy was asking me to slow down, go inward, connect with spirit and engage in activities of self- care provided me with a consciousness to make a dedicated effort to do just that. The result has been uplifting and re-energizing.”

Renee took vacations during August in which she spent a lot of time in nature; travelling across her beautiful state of Maine to hike in the outdoors with her dogs, soak up sun and surf at various beaches, and take in sunset walks along various local waterfronts. She also spent some of her time reconnecting with old friends, reaching out to various spiritual teachers, and returning to a daily meditation practice.

“During a guided mediation, I was inspired by a quote, ‘Just as we all have a teacher within, within all of us there is an artist, a dreamer, a creator,’ “ recalls Renee. “This resonated so strongly with me given that I am wrapping up my three year that has been trying to engage me creatively in all aspects of my life. I began reflecting on how I can integrate more creativity into play, thinking and expression in all aspects of my life.”

As August ended, Renee found herself embarking on a new unexpected spiritual path that will deepen her relationship with animals (both in her personal and professional life). She also found herself at a professional crossroads where there is an opportunity for her to leverage her creative expression and problem solving to shift her work experience in positive ways. This aligns beautifully with September’s 3 energy and as her personal year shifts to 4 energy- which focuses on work.

September offers an opportunity for Renee to really tap into the manifestation potential of the double three energy flowing in her life this month. If she removes all barriers of worry, self-doubt, and fear and confidently expresses her personal truths while empowering her personal gifts in creative ways, she has the power to make her deepest desires a reality.

Will Renee manifest her dreams before her Personal 3 year ends? Check back later this month to find out. In the meantime, schedule your personal reading on healingnumbers22.com website through Calendly. Readings are done by phone, video conference, or at the Blue Heron.

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Anastasia’s Personal Year Story: Letting Go to Move Forward

From the Series: The Changing Energies of our Lives

As the month of August concludes, I checked in with Anastasia to see how the 8 energy came forward as she winds down her 9 personal year.

When I talked with Anastasia she said she definitely felt the 8 energy in her work-life as she received significant recognition at work that will open new opportunities in her career. But, she also acknowledged that our monthly numerology readings together helped her have a greater awareness for how the 8 energy was working within the overall energy of her 9 personal year.

“I felt the 8 energy working actively as an undercurrent in my 9 year,” Anastasia recalls. “I have always felt like I was here to fulfill some greater purpose than what I have experienced so far. But, I’ve never really been sure what it was. I’ve just been waiting for it to present itself. Suddenly, this month I had a spontaneous vision of working at a state level to help small businesses in Maine grow and prosper while bringing new jobs and people to the state. It was very exciting.”

Receiving enlightened awareness through dreams, visions or spontaneous inspiration matches beautifully with the energy flowing in and out of her life at this time.

Beyond current and future work goals, the emotional energy of the 8 presented itself to Anastasia as well, as it asked her to reclaim her personal power within her personal relationships. She spent the month distancing herself from those relationships that no longer aligned with her personal truth or were inhibiting her personal growth towards her highest self.

As she enters September -her 9 month in her 9 year- this energy will ask her to confidently set boundaries, speak her truth, and if necessary, to let go once and for all.

In September, our personal month number matches that of our personal year. So, given that Anastasia is in the final stretch of her 9 Personal Year, it should come as no surprise that letting go and making definitive choices about finalizing certain aspects of her life will take center stage during this time.The more emotional purging she can do now, the more momentum she will have at the beginning of her 1 year.

This is the time when Anastasia mostly likely will find herself taking a deep look within. The energy at times may feel intense, heavy, and emotional. But, it can also empower her to make the necessary changes she needs in order to redesign any aspect of her life that is no longer serving her highest self; readying her for the new opportunities that await her in her 1 year.

We will check back in with Anastasia in a couple weeks to see how her 9 month is unfolding. In the meantime, schedule your own personal year energy on healingnumbers22.com website through Calendly. Readings are done by phone, video conference, or at the Blue Heron.

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Renee’s Story: Mastering Harmony and Creative Flow

From the Series: The Changing Energies of our Lives

The 11/2 energy of Renee’s August has given her an opportunity in her 3 personal year to slow down and to reflect in order to gain a deeper awareness through more relaxed and creative avenues. This is a time for Renee to achieve insight around what she is working with in her life and how she wants to approach dealing with it as it ebbs and flows. This energy is going to ask her to use humor, lightness and creativity in navigating her life at this time, even though it may feel like it’s moving at a slower pace.

“I started off this month by taking a vacation because 100% of my energy-mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually- was drained,” says Renee. “Most of my vacation week was spent alone or with my dogs connecting to nature through local hikes and beach trips, doing yoga and lots of meditation. I even reached out for guidance from some spiritual teachers as I embark on a new birth year. I had a profound birthday experience where I watched the sunrise from the top of Cadillac Mountain with my dogs. I have definitely felt the slower energy of this month and have even felt me relax more into dealing with the challenging situations that arise rather than confronting them with an emotionally charged reaction. I have found myself being more open to creative solutions for alternative problem-solving.”

Renee’s choice to spend time replenishing all of her energy reserves during a vacation aligned beautifully with the 11/2 energy that presented during her August this Personal 3 year. Master number 11/2 is a highly spiritual number with a high vibration. So this month is also a great time for her to invest more into her own spiritual growth; reaching out to her spiritual teachers was a perfect way to lean in to the possibilities available to her within this month’s energy.

Also, the number 2 energy in her life right now is about love, harmony, and relationship. One of the continuing themes for Renee’s Personal 3 year is embracing opportunities for her to inspire and uplift others. This month’s energy can help her succeed in such pursuits as long as she keeps her energy and life balanced through proper self-care.

What insights about her life and relationships will Renee gain as the 11/2 energy surrounds her this month? And, what can she expect from the manifestation of her deepest heart’s desires in the remainder of her 3 Personal year? Check back next month to find out!

“It has been a blessing to work with Sue and have her help me with understanding the energy as it comes and goes into my life,.” says Renee. “I think this year might have been a little more difficult if I didn’t have the knowledge that Numerology has given me. Having the ability to know what it wants from me has allowed me to use it to the best of my abilities.”

Discover the power of numerology for yourself by scheduling your personal reading with Sue on healingnumbers22.com website through Calendly. Readings are done by phone, video conference, or at the Blue Heron.

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Anastasia’s Story: Material Based Energy and Personal Power

From the Series: The Changing Energies of our Lives

August is vibrating with the energy of the dynamic 8 during Anastasia’s 9 year. After July’s energy that asked her to slow down and go inward, August’s energy is going to propel her forward. This is a material-based energy so themes surrounding her this month are around financial matters, business and career goals, and personal empowerment.

August’s 8 energy is asking Anastasia to be open to what is coming and the new beginnings that await her in 2018, a 1 personal year.

In her year of completion (2017), the 8’s energy should feel dynamic helping to drive Anastasia’s career ambition and fuel a focused work ethic. If she leverages this energy she will attract opportunities to climb the ladder, join new business partnerships, and increase her financial wealth. However, being in the energy of a 9 year, it would be wise for her to use any additional financial wealth created to pay off any old debt, if possible.

During this 8 energy, it is a prime time for Anastasia to begin building and slowly start marketing her new fitness business as it will not only support all efforts for self-promotion, but it also is a positive energy to help with health and wellness goals and ventures. She also needs to be looking at things in her material world that are no longer serving her greatest or highest good so she can let go of those to make room for her new beginnings in 2018.

The deeper emotional side of the 8 energy is helping Anastasia to increase her sense of personal power and self-confidence to help her strengthen boundaries within her relationships. It is the number of the survivor.

August will be pushing Anastasia toward truly evaluating the ways in which she has placed limitations on herself. It will ask her to evaluate questions such as: has she sacrificed her true desires in order to please those in her personal relationships? Are there any unfulfilling relationships in her life that she needs to let go of once and for all? Is there a goal or experience she’s always wanted to pursue, but she’s let outside critics get in the way of her pursuing them?

What questions will Anastasia be faced with as she steps into her August’s 8 energy? How will she confront them? And, what is next for her as 9 year begins to shift her towards new beginnings?

Check back later this month to find out. In the meantime, schedule your personal reading on www.healingnumbers22.com website through Calendly. Readings are done by phone, video conference, or at the Blue Heron.

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Renee’s Story: “Follow Your Bliss”

From the Series: The Changing Energies of our Lives

Last time I checked in with Renee, she was entering 1 energy for the month of July during her 3 year. So far, Renee’s 3 year has been full of expanding interests, friends and has been emotionally charged. The influence of Renee’s core energy (the energy that makes her who she is) has caused her to feel the heavier, emotional side to her 3 personal year . But, as she moves into the second part of her 3 year, it holds promise for the creative manifestation of her dreams and goals, travel and growing social connections.

July was a great launching pad for Renee to really begin to feel physically energetic and for her to plant “seeds” that she can nurture and cultivate during the remainder of her 3 year. When I spoke to Renee, she said she finally began to feel a shift.

“I began to feel the emotional weight of my 3 year shift to a lighter energy at the end of July,” Renee said. “I spent some time in social network gatherings where conversations began to lead to potential new career mentors, professional contacts and network opportunities that could open new job or professional development opportunities which was exciting. I also found myself reconnecting with my mediation practice to begin leveraging the power of going inward to visualize the kind of life, career and relationships I want; open to the path my internal compass wants to guide me down.”

Making potential new career connections through social networking groups and using mediation and visualization to tap into the power of manifestation align well with the energy of Renee’s 1 personal month in her 3 year.

As Renee moves into the month of August and its 2 energy she will find that she will be asked to slow down, reflect, and catch her breath. August is designed to be a month of rest to help prepare her for the potential busyness of the rest of her 3 year. It would serve her well to seek out self-care activities and those that bring her peace, joy and relaxation. This energy wants to help her take pause to follow her bliss.

Renee also needs to be aware that August holds a Master Number 11 for her. The 11 heightens any areas around spiritual illumination, artistic creativity, and inspired healing.

Connections Renee makes this month can serve her in various ways both personally and professionally. It is an ideal opportunity for her to go inward for some deep soul searching, especially in regards to areas of partnerships and relationships. This energy also allows her and wants her to lean on others for advice and guidance.

Stay tuned to see if the relaxed and inspirational 11/2 energy of August helps move Renee’s 3 year toward towards deep healing and invites more playful and creative experiences into her life.

Remember, you can learn more about your own personal year energy by scheduling your reading on. www.healingnumbers22.com website through Calendly. Readings are done by phone, video conference, or at the Blue Heron.

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Anastasia’s Story: “Go within to discover where you want to be”

From the Series: The Changing Energies of our Lives

Last time I spoke with Anastasia she was preparing for July as the energy of the 7 began to enter into her life during her 9 year. As July came to a close, I spoke with Anastasia to see how she personally experienced the 7 energy last month.

Seven energy carries spirituality, research and learning, and calls for a time to slow down and self-reflect. During a 9 year, this energy is asking us to travel inward to discover what it is we truly want. It wants us to ask ourselves, “What do I need to let go of in order to make room for something new? If we lean into this energy, it will teach us about forgiveness and unconditional love, while helping us set personal boundaries and tap into our own self-confidence.

Anastasia revealed that during her 7 month she felt low on energy and regularly sought opportunities for solitude and silence. Much of her work day was spent researching and following one new area of interest after another.  Pursuing new areas of study felt very comfortable for her during this time, while social gatherings and engaging in diverse family dynamics did not,  perfectly mirroring the energy of the 7.

During periods where 7 energy is prevalent, soul searching to better understand one’s self can help open new ways to approach matters and resolve problems and conflicts with more ease.

“As I come out of this month, I find myself saying, ‘I’m done hiding myself and the life I want to live from those around me who don’t understand it,’” says Anastasia. “It is time for me to stop feeling guilty out of concern for others’ feelings and to start being okay with me.  I need to just be honest and whatever will be will be. And, if people pull away because of it, that’s ok.”

Anastasia’s perspective coming out of her 7 month aligns beautifully with the overall energy of her 9 year.

Taking the time to go within and learn what the energy of the numbers is trying to teach her helps her to understand that endings and completions, which might be a little uncomfortable during the duration of the 9 Personal year energy, is only allowing her to make  room for new beginnings coming in 2018.  As she gains knowledge of the energies, her life and soul is expanding with personal growth instead of feeling uncertain as to why these changes are happening.

As Anastasia enters August, the energy of the 8 will start to flow into her life bringing a time that is ripe for self-promotion, financial wealth and career success.

Check back later this month to see how the energy of the 8 is expected to unfold in Anastasia’s life, bringing new vibrant and exciting experiences with it.

Learn more about how your own personal year energy is influencing your life by scheduling your reading on healingnumbers22.com website through Calendly. Readings are done by phone, video conference, or at the Blue Heron.

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In Other Words: A Personal Year Reading

I reached out to a few clients to see what they learned following a personal year reading. Here’s what one client had to say:

“Personal year readings have helped me understand and accept the energy I’m working with on a daily basis. The past year has been filled with shifts and changes in all areas of my life. The readings give depth to thoughts and feelings I intuitively have been picking up on when tuning into my inner world. Understanding the energies that come with each number allow me to accept what I am often inclined to fight against. For example, I have been able to give myself permission to focus on endings when I knew I was in a 9 year and a 9 month instead of forcing myself to start something new as my logic – not my gut – wanted me too. This has given me the opportunity to live in harmony with the energy around me which has resulted in a greater satisfaction in life.”

~Molly, Arizona

Interested in finding out what your personal year energy is? Schedule your own reading on Calendy @ healingnumbers22.com or text me (207)907-5446.

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Standing in Your Power with the Energy of 3

Speaking your truths and living with integrity means; “Not settling for less than what you know you deserve in your relationships. Asking for what you want and need from others. Speaking your truth, even though it might create conflict or tension. Behaving in ways that are in harmony with your personal values. Making choices based on what you believe, and not what others believe” -Barbara De Angelis

Are you challenged with speaking your truths? A lot of us are because we have been programmed to live life according to others’ rules and expectations.

Numerology can help you to understand who you really are, allowing you to stand in your own power establishing trust with yourself.

“Sue’s reading offered me clarity to the feelings and challenges I have been experiencing. Understanding what the energy of my three year is trying to teach me allows me to lean into moments where I can speak my truth; beginning with smaller opportunities that pose less emotional risk helping me to build confidence towards larger moments where I am really being asked to honor my own voice and heart.”- Renee

Listen to a brief recording from last month’s reading with Renee. It’s amazing how a 90 minute Numerology reading can validate what you already know in your heart but need to hear out loud!


Schedule your reading by either going to www.healingnumbers22.com or texting me at (207)907-5446.


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Renee’s Story Part 2: Express Your Personal Truth through the Energy of the Numbers

From the Series: The Changing Energies of our Life

What is this month’s energy trying to teach?

As we begin to understand how the different number energies are flowing in and out of our personal year, it is just as important to remember how our core number energy, the energy that makes you who you are, is constantly agreeing or disagreeing with the energy that comes and goes as well. It all works together.

When I introduced you to Renee, I told you she was in a 3 personal year. The energy of the 3 brings play, creativity, levity and manifestation of our goals and dreams (female energy) into our life. For those whose core energies complement the energy of the 3, this is often what they experience. However, for individuals like Renee, who carry strong 4 and 8 energies (masculine energy) which possess characteristics like structure, work, success and discipline, their experience can be quite the contrary. The energy coming in during a 3 year for those with core energy like Renee can find themselves challenged and struggling during a time that is supposed to be fun, playful and light.

My conversation with Renee demonstrated that, for some, the 3 year can bring emotional highs and lows as they are being asked to find creative ways to express their personal truths.

June was a 9 month for Renee. She began her month with a weekend Yoga Retreat that involved a lot of energy work through alternative forms of healing modalities. Renee often intellectualizes her feelings and is comfortable expressing herself verbally. However, this experience offered her new outlets to explore her emotional truths without verbal expression. Through exploring these different tools to express her emotions (3 energy), Renee confronted some new feelings and beliefs about situations and relationships from her past (energy of the 9). While she left the experience with a deeper sense of the healing and closure, she was left feeling emotional wary and fatigued (typical of the 9 energy).

As she completed her 9 month, she decided to resign from some of the social/volunteer commitments she’s made that no longer bring her happiness and joy (9 and 3 energy).

As Renee moves into July, a 1 month, I anticipate she will begin to see new doors open through unexpected and creative avenues. She should begin to feel some momentum building in her life, moving her towards manifesting some of her life’s goals and dreams. But, she needs to be prepared that this energy is asking her to lean in to risks, creative solutions to problems, and being open and expressive with her personal truths; things that are not always comfortable for someone with 4 and 8 energies that like control, safe choices, and planning ahead.

Over the next couple of months, Renee may experience more of the playful and lighter aspects of the 3 as she continues to openly express and honor her emotional truths through creative outlets. She should see her social circle expand with new friends and possibly old friends re-entering her life.

Since she is entering 1 energy, she may consider making herself a vision board for her goals and dreams in the second half of her 3 year. Exploring unconventional and creative endeavors may open up unexpected opportunities for her goals and dreams to manifest.

Check in at the end of this month to see if and how Renee will creatively embrace July’s 1 energy to manifest her dreams right in time for her birthday.

Do you know what your personal year’s energy wants you to experience right now? Learn more about your own personal year energy by scheduling your reading on healingnumbers22.com website through Calendly. Readings are done by phone, video conference, or at the Blue Heron.

Interested in what you personal year number is? Text me at (207)907-5446 with you birthdate and I will gladly text you back with your number.              



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