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“OLD SOULS”: The Master Messenger 11/2

Stacey: Good morning, Sue! Over the last several weeks, we have had some readers write in with a curiosity about the Master Numbers. Can we take a break in our cornerstone letter series to discuss the Master Numbers more closely?

Sue: Absolutely. Thanks, Stacey and thank you readers who have written in with a piqued curiosity for the Master Numbers.

Let’s start by looking at the Master Number 11/2 more closely. I consider those who carry the 11/2 energy, “old souls.” What is the definition of an “old soul?”  For me, it tells me that you have lived many lives before this incarnation bringing in knowledge and wisdom to help others. Your vibration is higher than most allowing you to be more connected to the spiritual realm.  Your soul has a knowing and understanding that is different, which can often make you feel like you don’t belong. This is not necessarily an easier life as you have come to “master” the Master Number. This often means your path is bringing in experiences that are a little harder to overcome, but necessary in order to understand life better and to complete your mission to help other souls grow.  Petty, superficial things in life are truly unimportant to you as you think in a much deeper way. You have the ability to offer solutions and predict outcomes with greater meaning, which makes people drawn to you, listening and respecting your insight. 

As stated in the book “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Numerology” written by Kay Lagerquist PhD & Lisa Lenard,  “Numerologist believe that, if you have a Master Number, you’ve made a kind of contract (back when you were still in spirit form) to come back and help humankind in this lifetime.  All of the Master Numbers have volunteered to come back to assist the world in moving to a higher vibration; doing so because they want to learn more at the soul level. “

Stacey: Wow, that’s fascinating. How can one find out if he/she carries the Master 11/2 energy and what can you tell us about their nature?

SueA Numerology reading will show us energy that can validate if someone is an “old soul.”  If you suspect you carry a Master Number, it would be to your advantage to find out what the other energies are in your chart to help you understand your ultimate goal. A lot of times when I interrupt a chart for a client with a Master Number, he/she already knows and just needs some validation and direction.

11/2 Is the Master Messenger.  Let’s first look at the two 1’s that make up the 11. 1’s characteristics bring in Independence and individuality. They are determined in whatever they do, are leaders, and must be careful of not being too aggressive or headstrong. The 2 energy is the peacemaker; sensitive, loving, and possess ability to work well in groups. As you can see, this brings in a bit of a contrast. However, when balanced the 11/2 becomes a great leader who can bring in messages that uplift and inspire those around them.

What is their mission?  They are here to connect spiritually and to help others in raising their own spiritual awareness here on earth. This can be carried out through many different roles:  such as teachers, writers, counselors, pastors. Those roles that put 11/2’s in front of groups can help others grow. The 11/2 is born highly intuitive with psychic abilities. People see their insights and are attracted to the illumination that 11/2’s project naturally. This spiritual energy is to help humanity. They are born with a charisma that uplifts and inspires those around them with little effort.  At times, this connection to the higher realm can cause an uncomfortable feeling bringing in anxiety and nervousness, but is balanced through their love of community and fulfilling their mission to help humanity. If you carry the vibration of the 11/2 Master Messenger, your message to the whole must be done with truth and dignity, otherwise, if misdirected or misused, your leadership qualities can become dictatorship in nature.

Two examples of famous leaders who carry the 11/2 Master Messenger energy are Jesus and Hitler. Obviously, one demonstrates the balanced 11/2 and one the unbalanced.

Stacey: Thank you, Sue. That’s really incredible. If people are curious about their own potential 11/2 energy, what advice can you give them? And, for those following your blog, what Master Number can we look forward to discussing next week? If you are curious, feel free to text me your birthdate and I will text you back giving you your lifepath number. 

Sue: If one of my readers would like to learn more about their own 11/2 energy, I encourage them to visit my website http://healingnumbers22.com/readings/ to make an appointment for an in-depth personal reading today! Were you born on the 11th?

 Next week we will discuss the Master Number 22/4 – The Master Architect and the most balanced Master Number.  

The Sturdy, Determined D

Stacey: Hi Sue. Welcome back! Hope you had a wonderful July 4th with your family! As we return to our cornerstone letters, your readers are interested in the letter “D.” What can you tell us?

Sue: Thank you, Stacey! I had a wonderful holiday, hope you and my readers did also. The Letter “D” is the 4th letter in the alphabet, giving it the vibration of the number 4.

The letter “D” is completely enclosed with a straight back looking towards the future. “D” has a tendency to limit itself; not allowing change or anything in.  The letter “C,” which comes before it, can see into the future, while “D” sees within. D’s are interested only in facts, not theories.

When I meet someone with a name starting with the letter “D,” I would start a conversation by asking them about their work and family, as this is what the 4 energy represents.  D’s can be very serious in nature and want a conversation that has substance, eliminating all shoulda’s, woulda’s, and coulda’s. Facts and details hold their interest. These people are honest, frank and are very good at knowing when someone is not being upfront and honest.  I suspect they spend a lot of time balancing their energy outside enjoying Mother Nature, through hiking, gardening, and working around their home as they need time alone to release pent up energy that’s brought on by stress from their daily workload. D’s need to be recognized verbally, so giving them a compliment will solicit a guaranteed smile.

Stacey: So interesting, Sue. While I don’t carry a “D” cornerstone, I have a lot of 4 energy in my chart, so I can certainly validate the reading of this energy. I take work and relationships very seriously and often retreat to nature to relax, refresh and reset!  Can you give us a little more detail by looking further into the names Daniel and Darlene?

Sue: That’s great! Sure, Daniel is a strong willed person and takes anything he tackles very seriously. He needs to be careful to not become too over-critical with life in general, which will cause him unrealistic stress. He carries himself with pride and utilizes all the knowledge he’s gained to conquer his goals. Daniel needs to allow himself to step outside of the box every now and again in order to expose himself to different ideas and ways of doing things. His love of family is obvious, but his lesson is to learn how to balance love; receiving is just as important as giving.

As far as Darlene, she is a kind, friendly, outgoing personality. She easily integrates work and pleasure. Darlene is very intelligent and is able to effectively use her words to express her creativity.  She is confident in what she does, which allows people to trust her. Her wonderful sense of humor puts everybody at ease. Darlene is blessed with Claircognizance (clear Knowing) as ideas flow in and out with clarity for her. On the other hand, discipline and thinking things through don’t always come as easy to her as her actions are sometimes impulsive and can cause brief moments of chaos. You will often see Darlene uplifting and motivating others to believe in themselves; helping them enjoy life as much as she does.

Stacey: Thank you, Sue! So great to be back again, learning about name energy through Numerology!

Sue:  Yes, I look forward to learning more about my readers through the names they send me. To send me a name you’d like me to read, visit my website: healingnumbers22@gmail.com or text (207) 907-5446. Confidentiality is highly respected, so your name will not be used without permission. Follow my blog to see if your question is featured and answered.

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The Pondering P

Stacey: Hello, Sue! We have had a request to learn more about the letter “P”. Could you tell us more about its energy?

Sue: Hello again! Absolutely.  The letter “P” is the 16th letter in the alphabet giving it the vibration of the number 7.

In her book, The Secret Science of Numerology, Shirley Blackwell Lawrence writes, “The letter ‘P’ is a circle on a line, the head on the self, so it is an intellectual vibration, has mental curiosity, and is good at concentration. But it also indicates a bent toward being opinionated and stubborn. P can be either very spiritual or agnostic or atheistic with a closed mind.”    With so much going on in its head, P’s can be a little over bearing; pushing their opinions on others. Standing on one foot and being top heavy, P’s tend to over think things rarely allowing anything to be set in stone.

When I meet somebody whose name starts with the letter “P,” I would know that this person has a very strong character; capable of accomplishing any task once their mind is set. Their mind is their greatest asset. P’s sometimes hold themselves back because of their need for perfection. It can be hard to get to know them as they don’t often indulge in talking about themselves or engage in idle chit chat. They enjoy their intellect and only want to talk about subjects that are most familiar to them. If you try to push a P around, they will push back verbally. Rest and Meditation are very important for them.

Stacey: As always, very interesting, Sue.  Can you share more insight with us by reading the names Patricia and Paul?

Sue: Sure, I would be happy to.  Patricia loves to travel and seek out adventure especially to places like museums, theaters, or art shows. Being outside is pleasurable to her. She is very curious and want to learn as much as she can about everything. Patricia has the ability to see the beauty in her surroundings more so than others. She has a big heart that desires peace and harmony. She has heightened communication skills that come with a flair for sarcastic humor, sometimes saying a little more than necessary. She must be careful not to over-indulge with food, alcohol, technology, etc. as feeding the 6 physical senses is most likely heightened for her as well.

Paul, on the other hand, while also adventurous, his escapades tend to be a little more calculated than and not as spontaneous as Patricia’s. Paul is not a risk taker. A lot of his learning is done through life experiences; he can remember even the smallest details. Independent in nature and full of energy, Paul wants things done his way. He is the leader of the pack. Any types of outside activities are enjoyable to him as he feels closely connected to mother earth. Paul needs to be careful that he doesn’t limit himself so much that he misses out on opportunities. He is the practical one that loves to have fun.

Stacey: Thanks, Sue! I don’t know many people with the P cornerstone, but as I reflect on the few that have crossed my path, I would say this is all very accurate. Every P I have met has been a quiet intellect who loves nature and exploring!

Sue: That’s great. Thank you, Stacey. I look forward to exploring a new letter together next time.

To send me a name you’d like me to read, visit my website: healingnumbers22@gmail.com or text (207) 907-5446.

Confidentiality is highly respected, so your name will not be used without permission. Follow my blog to see if your question is featured and answered.

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For Father’s Day: The Deep, Roaring “R”

Stacey: Hi Sue! To honor my father’s memory this Father’s Day, I was wondering if you could tell us more about the letter “R,” my own dad’s cornerstone letter.

Sue: Sure, I would love to. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads.

R is the 18th letter in our alphabet making it a 9 vibration.

The letter “R” stands strong on both feet with a circle on top that is enclosed and represents a head, which gives R’s the ability to learn easily, retain information and think quickly on their feet.  The movement of the front foot goes towards the future, showing that they are always in movement, seeking new ideas. R’s can sometimes stay too much in their head, which makes them emotional and self-seeking. Patience is not their virtue unless they have taken the time to understand and grasp the meaning of selfless service to others. If you took away the moving leg in the letter “R,” you would have the letter “P” that represents more patience. R’s need to slow down and take time to appreciate the beauty around them as well as develop empathy towards others; their rewards will come from caring.

When I meet a person with the letter “R,” I know that they are an independent thinker, intelligent, and may appear standoffish if they don’t feel like engaging; but it isn’t personal, it’s just heir way. They have a strong desire to help others. Drama can follow R’s, but if you understand the meaning of the 9 energy, which brings in forgiveness, letting go and completions, it’s to their benefit to release what is no longer serving their greatest and highest good.  The lesson for the 9 is to love unconditionally, whether that’s towards somebody else who’s creating issues, or whether they are causing the problems within their own relationships.

In her book, The Secret Science of Numerology, Shirley Blackwell Lawrence states, “When saying the letter “R” it sounds like an “rrrrr” sound; the snarling dog representing grumbling a lot. When the R’s is balanced it has the ability to inspire others, giving them confidence and allowing them to show their true self. “

Stacey: Interesting, Sue. Sounds like R’s carry some strong energy. My dad’s name is Roger. He passed away when I was young, so I would love it if you could tell me more about him by reading his name? I also have a friend who would love to learn more about her dad named, Richard.

Sue: Yes, I would love to.  Roger would be a very responsible man at work and at home; always putting his family first. He is an in-depth thinker that has inspiring ideas and makes them realistic for others. I suspect Roger was a quiet man until he got to know you; a man with few words, but those few words had great meaning.  Music and dance play an important role in relieving stress for him. He cares deeply for humanity and feels the need to solve the bigger picture for all. Intuition plays a big part in problem solving. Roger is a generous man who needs to be careful that he doesn’t do more than is expected of him, which could cause resentment. If Roger doesn’t travel internationally, then he reads about other countries and their history.

For any dads named Richard, I would say that Richard is a man that specializes in his career. He desires to know a subject 110%, but often once learned he will move on to learn something else. Richard has an eye for details, making him a perfectionist. Even though he is a quiet person by nature, when giving the chance to talk about his interests, he will talk your ear off. He has leadership qualities that sometimes makes him a bit stubborn. He knows what he wants and he will do whatever it takes to go after it. Family values play an important part for Richard. He can be very charismatic, which makes him easy to talk t. However, being private is his strong suit, so asking him lots of personal questions about himself usually becomes a dead-end. This name can carry a sense of not belonging; leaving him vulnerable to self-destructive patterns such as over-indulging with food, alcohol, or drugs.

Stacey: Wow, that’s incredible.  Although I didn’t know my dad well because he died when I was a child, I have been told a lot about him from his friends and family. He definitely had a Type- A personality, making him a hard worker both at the office and home. He was a very devoted father and husband while he was alive. In college, he majored in Business but minored in Sociology because he wanted to understand and help people on a deeper level. Before he died, he launched his own company to help match people’s skills and passion with the right company and job opportunity.  He was in the Navy and loved to travel. He visited Thailand, the Bahamas, etc. He also loved music. I inherited quite a music collection from him. He also played the guitar, harmonic and sang in an acapella group in college. In high school he was very involved in theater.

Sue: I love it! Once again we find so much validation through the numbers.  Keep sending me those names! Visit my website: healingnumbers22@gmail.com or text (207) 907-5446.

Confidentiality is highly respected, so your name will not be used without permission. Follow my blog to see if your question is featured and answered.


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A Follow up: Nicknames and their Influence on Name Energy

Stacey: Hi Sue. Last week we met Lisa and learned more about the Letter E energy in her birth name “Elisabeth.” Lisa shared that while much of your reading resonated there were some things that didn’t quite click. She asked if nicknames could influence name energy at all. She shared that her parents called her Bethli and as a teenager she began referring to herself as Lisa. What can you share with us about how our nicknames affect the energy of our birth name?

Sue: Remember, these name readings are just a general snapshot into a person’s full energy, which is why full personalized readings are much more telling about a person’s true nature.
Nicknames are what we call Minor Expressions. These minor expressions allow us to adjust certain unbalances that are causing discomfort, giving us energy vibrations that we can use to alter our vibration. Through nicknames, we can add or take away excess energy that causes us intensity that our birthname might bring on.

For example, Lisa shared that her family called her Bethli. As you notice, the letter “B” is the quiet one, as we discussed in a previous blog. But that E energy is still guiding you with the ability to communicate, but in a softer manner. The total vibration of Bethli is 11/2 –a master number bringing in a spiritual overtone. Therefore, intuition is a big part of what guides your decision making, along with your intellect. I suspect you over analyze your intuition, not trusting it to the fullest. We call the 11/2 the Master Messenger. Bethli also brings in the love of family. You are often willing to take on responsibilities to help others when times are tough in a very selfless way.

On the other hand, the name Lisa, the one you have chosen for yourself has an overall vibration of 14/5. This 14/5 energy is made up of the 1+4=5. Four is the energy that grounds us, but still gives you that need for adventure and travel. This energy allows you to feel freedom in a structured way. You are a sort of renegade when it comes to conventional ideas and take pleasure in stepping outside the box to rethink things in new ways. There is strength in this name; when you make up your mind on something, that is the final answer and the only way to persuade you into another way of thinking is if you make that decision to do so. You still carry the need to support the less fortunate in a bigger picture way. An example of this would be that instead of simply giving your last dollar to someone who is down and out, (which you certainly would do) you might try to incorporate a game plan to help this individual in a much bigger way; you might even drive them to a shelter to receive resources that can help them longer term. It’s all about the larger picture for you. International travel, whether you do that by plane, book, or internet, complements the worldwide view perspective that matches your energy. Full of words and fun, Lisa is a lovely name. You are caring and honest with a great attitude on life.

Stacey: Wow, that’s pretty amazing, Sue. Lisa, what do you think of this additional information? Do these nickname readings resonate further with you?

Lisa: Quite simply, you nailed it, Sue- with all of them. In one way or another it all resonates on so many different levels. I am impressed with your interpretations. Thank you!

Sue: Thank you, Lisa for joining our conversation! I hope this will inspire others to join us as we continue our discussions on letters and names. I hope this also demonstrates why full custom readings can tell us so much more about someone’s energy.

Please send me a name you’d like me to read, visit my website: healingnumbers22@gmail.com or text (207) 907-5446. Confidentiality is highly respected, so your name will not be used without permission. Follow my blog to see if your question is featured and answered. And, remember visit http://healingnumbers22.com/readings/ to make an appointment for an in-depth personal reading.

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The Letter E- The Great Communicator

Stacey: Good morning, Sue! Today I have the pleasure of introducing Lisa, one of your readers who wanted to converse directly with you about her personal name reading.

Sue: Great! Welcome Lisa. Thanks for writing in. What can I answer for you today?

Lisa: Hi Sue. I came across one of your emails about first name readings and found it very fascinating! I would love for you to read my first name if you could? Lisa is the name I prefer to go by, but my given name is Elisabeth.

Sue:  Absolutely, Lisa, I would love to.  The letter “E” holds the vibration of the number 5. It stands firm within itself connected to the Spiritual, Mental, and Physical planes, but is also open to the future on each of them giving “E” the need to have freedom at its own free will. The letter “E” doesn’t look back, only forward making it curious about all new experiences.  Five energy makes “E’s” great communicators, which allows them to be their own self-promoters, writers, public speakers, and salesmen. There is a restlessness that comes with the “E” energy that drives the need to try everything and anything at least once and constantly seek out different experiences.  The “E” brings in intelligence but needs to learn constructive freedom in order to overcome the Jack of all Trade, Master of None experience.

Elisabeth, if I were to meet you for the first time, your Cornerstone “E” would instantly tell me that you are very good with your words and more than likely will carry the conversation.  You and I would make a good pair because I love to listen, so I am attracted to E, N, and W energy. The letter E stands firm looking forward. With no point looking behind itself, it tells me you can let go of things easily.  Instead, it points to the future in all areas spiritual, mental, and physical. Its openness tells me you need your space and freedom, you look towards the future with arms open, embrace travel, adventure and just plain fun. E’s 5 energy brings in verbal expression so you have the capability of using words well and are an expert communicator. When you make a decision, you work through it by process of elimination and listening to all sides, but ultimately you make the decision for yourself. You have fun sharing your ideas with others; at times your ideas blow the minds of others and you love witnessing their reaction.

Your first name overall tells me you see the less fortunate and try to act on it; you not only want to help the individual, but the whole. You can ultimately see the larger picture. You act on emotions which can run rampant, because your heart is so loving and compassionate. Home, family, and traditions are important to you. People see you as being optimistic, joyful, and a whole lot of fun. You have plenty of friends around you, but you are careful at choosing who you want to be very close to. One of the downsides of your energy is that you can have a temper that flares when push comes to shove.  I suspect you’re not one to argue with because of your ability to communicate.

Lisa: Thank you, Sue. Your reading resonates very much, but there are two things I am not sure really applies for me. One is regarding me having a temper.  I am a very calm and patient person. I do know that it takes an enormous amount to get me mad, but when somebody accomplishes that, then watch out! This did happen when I was younger and not so wise yet.  The other thing is that I have been an outsider all my life; I have always had a few friends but never plenty.

I want to add that I very much resonated with your description of the name Bethany in one of your previous blogs. I was baptized Elisabeth but my parents called me Bethli and never Elisabeth. When I was 16, I chose to change my name to Lisa. I was wondering what influence those two names have on me?

Stacey: Thank you for sharing, Lisa. That offers quite an interesting twist! What are your thoughts Sue?

Sue: Thank you Lisa. You bring up an interesting point about nicknames – both the ones others give to us and the ones we choose for ourselves- and the role they play in helping us understand our own name energy in more detail. I will take both nicknames you’ve shared and come back next week with a follow up on their meanings.

Lisa: Looking forward to it. Thanks so much for and enlightenment on my name!

Stacey: I am excited to learn more about nicknames next week. I would like to remind blog readers to continue sending in those names! You visit Sue’s website: healingnumbers22@gmail.com or text (207) 907-5446. Confidentiality is highly respected, so your name will not be used without permission. Follow Sue’s blog to see if your question is featured and answered.

And, remember visit http://healingnumbers22.com/readings/ to make an appointment for an in-depth personal reading.

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The Strong, Leading A

Stacey: Good morning, Sue! This week, readers are asking to start at the beginning of the alphabet to learn more about the letter “A.” What can you share with us?

Sue: Good morning to you all! As the first letter in the alphabet, “A” stands proud with both feet on the ground. Balance comes in at the mental plane and peaks upwards to spiritual wisdom. But if “As” becomes upset, (flipped upside down) they become very unbalanced and are not able to stand on that point.

If I were to meet someone with the first letter “A, I would let them have the reins. Their energy is strong and can be felt from afar. They know what they want and will go after it at all cost. They are #1; and are strong-willed, determined, and full of energy. Conversation with an “A” is most valuable when trying to learn about their new ideas. “A’s” are dreamers and inventors, but need the help of others to effectively put their ideas into action. This is where “A’s” need to learn balance as it is hard for them to release control in order to let others help. If they can do that success will follow. With all the energy they possess and their willpower for success, they need to be their own boss.

Stacey: Interesting, I definitely know some “A’s” that fit that description! What more can you tell us through reading the names Amber and Allen?

Sue: Amber is strong-willed but is always thinking of someone else. Her strength lies in taking on the responsibility of others and giving selfless service to their needs. Her emotions fluctuate with highs and lows. It’s important that Amber always speaks her truth straight from her heart at the time it needs to be spoken or she will suffer with anxiety from playing it out in her head over and over. Her sense of humor heals her as she loves to laugh and be playful. Family is everything to her, and more than likely she is the go-to person that family members reach out to in times of need. Amber must learn to balance responsibility with not taking on too much. The biggest thing for Amber is that she needs to learn to allow as much love to come back to her as she gives out. She is a healer/teacher/artist.

Allen, on the other hand, takes life very seriously. He desires to climb the ladder to show his importance by doing the best he can. He does this in a very creative and reserved way. He has the ability to understand people on a deeper level and can use that to his advantage if he learns to trust it. Although life can throw Allen a curve ball every now and again, which would knock most of us down, he has the ability to stand up, brush himself off, and use that experience as a teaching tool. His family and spirituality are important to him. As a matter of fact he would probably tell me that those two things go hand in hand in his life. His main goal is looking for a peaceful and balanced lifestyle; therefore finding most social situations uncomfortable. His empathic and clairvoyant abilities are a gift. Learning how to use those abilities correctly allows him to understand how to not let others energy overpowers him, which brings him relief and a whole lot of insight.

Stacey: Wow. I work closely with an “Allen” and that describes him exactly. Thank you as always Sue for so much insight.

Sue: That’s great. I love validation! But, remember, it’s very important you realize this is just the first name and Cornerstone. When interpreting a Numerology Chart, I am gathering information from many aspects of the name given at birth and date of birth. This is just a quick snapshot of who these individuals are or may be.

To send me a name you’d like me to read, visit my website: healingnumbers22@gmail.com or text (207) 907-5446. Confidentiality is highly respected, so your name will not be used without permission. Follow my blog to see if your question is featured and answered. And, remember visit http://healingnumbers22.com/readings/ to make an appointment for an in-depth personal reading.

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Curiosity Revisits the Emotional O

For those of you who are following along weekly, you may remember my recent blog post about the energy of the letter “O” and that it is one that always has Curious Sue, curious. It doesn’t often come up as names starting with “O” seem to be rare. I asked my readers to send in any “O” names they had experience with so together we could gain more insight.

My colleague and friend, Darlene, wrote in with the name, Olivette.

So, this week let’s revisit the letter “O” and talk about Olivette. If I was to meet her I would start my conversation out by asking about her family and home as these are priorities for her. Olivette is devoted to the ones she loves and wears her heart on her sleeve. She has a tremendous amount of intuitiveness that guides her. However, I suspect she doesn’t even realize how intuitive she is because this natural gift is deeply ingrained in her soul.

She only has tolerance for up front and honest people and can spot a dishonest person in a heartbeat. She is a hard worker, enjoys responsibility, caring for others, and being the protector of her people. Olivette needs to be careful that she doesn’t take on to much responsibility. Slowing down and stopping to recharge her own batteries is important as sometimes she doesn’t often realize how much she gives. Letting others do for her doesn’t come easy, but is something she needs to learn for the sake of her own well-being. Olivette is strong willed and determined in nature.

At the end of my reading and conversation with my friend Darlene regarding “Olivette,” I asked her how it resonated. Her reply, “You are right on as usual. She is one of my numerology students!” The letter “O” may be rare but, numerology always validates the energy!

Darlene and I are the only practicing Numerologists in the State of Maine that I know of. She is a wonderful Numerologist which I have had the pleasure of working with. She offers multiple classes in southern Maine and is a Mentor in Numerology like myself. I hope you take the time to visit her website. http://www.darlenechadbourne.com/

Thanks Darlene for an opportunity to explore my curiosity a bit further!

Have a letter or name that has piqued your curiosity? Send it to me to read, visit my website: healingnumbers22@gmail.com or text (207) 907-5446. Confidentiality is highly respected, so your name will not be used without permission. Follow my blog to see if your question is featured and answered.

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For Mother’s Day: The Stable and Social “L”

Stacey: Happy Mother’s Day Sue! In honor of my own mother this Mother’s Day, I was wondering if you could tell us more about the letter “L,” my own mom’s cornerstone letter.

Sue: Sure, I would love to. Happy Mother’s Day to your mom and all the moms out there!

L is the 12 letter in the alphabet making it energetically a 3 in Numerology 1+2=3

C, L, and U all represent the 3 energy.  As you can see by the shape of the letters, L is the stable one; C and U sit on rockers making them a little more scattered or impulsive. “L” sits firmly on the physical plane, but still open to the future. “L’s” hold onto information and take all things into consideration before making any decisions. “L” is an upside down 7 bringing in intuitive and psychic abilities. “L’s” have a strong desire to understand the mysteries of life on a deeper level.  The straight back connecting spiritual plane to physical plane brings in creative ideas and self-expression.

According to the book, The Secret Science of Numerology, author Shirley Lawrence states, “People with more than one L in their name are prone to accidents and carelessness because they have so much on their minds that they do things too quickly.” If you have 2 “L’s” in your name I would be interested if you find this to be true. Curious Sue is Curious! Please a leave comment below.

Most “L’s” are very good communicators with a flare of sarcastic humor. So, if I were to meet someone with an “L” cornerstone, I would give them the stage and enjoy their animated way of expressing themselves. Complimenting and giving an “L” credit will make their day. I know that they are heartfelt, honest, and have good minds for legal matters. When balanced, “L’s” are optimistic and happy, but unbalanced “L’s” bring in excessive worry and an unwelcoming disposition.

Stacey: That’s truly amazing. My mom definitely loves to talk and socialize. She has always been strongly intuitive and spiritual but remains grounded and analytical when it comes to decision-making. One of the most important values she tried to instill in me growing up was honesty. What can you tell me about her full name, Lana?

Sue: Love it. When I first meet Lana, I suspect she is very good with her words but more of an observer at first until she adapts to her surroundings; like a chameleon.  She is a strong-willed person who knows what she wants; even when it’s wrong, she probably won’t change her mind. I think Lana likes to dress in a professional manner to show her pride and ability to stand on her own two feet. There are a lot of ideas forming in Lana’s mind as she has a great imagination. but these ideas come and go and most never get started. Lana loves to dream. Decision-making can be confusing for her as she has both analytical and intuitive abilities.  She often experiences a tug of war between listening to her gut or weighing the facts. I think Lana might be very good with numbers and writing.

Stacey: Wow, so much of that is true! My mom has always been a talker. Growing up my friends always went to her for her good advice. And yes, she has always struggled between balancing her gut with logic and reason. Thank you! What a great gift to share with her this Mother’s Day. For your other “L” readers, what can you tell us about the name Lawrence?

Sue: You’re welcome! Having the first name Lawrence would suggest that he is multi-talented.  Lawrence has some deep-seated emotions that help him understand the less-fortunate and drives his need to be of service to help. He is quiet in nature, observing and intuitively finds the answers to the questions he seeks. Travel is important especially international, as this gives him the ability to research and study areas such as ancient history. It is possible that he doesn’t travel physical per se but through books instead. The internet can also take him on a journey. He can be dreamy and in his own head at times seeking time to be alone. Intuitiveness, intense dreams, and a deeper knowing are part of Lawrence’s make-up. Lawrence needs to be careful with overindulgence in feeding his physical senses. And, for Lawrence, this can become an issue.

Stacey: So cool. I am excited to see what names your readers ask us to explore next time!

Sue: Yes, I hope my readers are enjoying this series as much as I am. To send me a name you’d like me to read, visit my website: healingnumbers22@gmail.com or text (207) 907-5446.

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The Electrifying Z

Stacey: Hi Sue. This week your readers would like to skip right to the end of the alphabet. What can you tell us about the letter “Z”?

Sue: The letter “Z” is the 26th letter in the alphabet. So, in numerology it becomes the energy of the 8 (2+6=8). If you look at the “Z” you will see it is made up of two number 7’s; one is upside down. This brings in the ability to research and find things hidden beneath the surface. “Z’s” like to investigate. When digging deeper and analyzing, 7 energy uses a lot of mental energy, so sleep becomes a priority. In the book “The Secret Science of Numerology” by Shirley Blackwell Lawrence, Msc.D. , she states that Z people need their ZZZZZZZ’s. The line that goes straight up connects the physical plan directly to the spiritual plane and continues through the mental plane. This indicates that their inspirations and ideas come from a higher power.

Also, the letter “Z” looks like a lightning bolt and which would represent a lot of energy. This energy needs to be used in a good way; otherwise, it will come back to the sender tenfold. Just like lightening, this energy is fun and beautiful until it strikes. Abusing any type of power is guaranteed to bring in negative results. The “Z’s” are very capable of making a lot of money, but must never make money priority over doing the right thing. Z’s like perfection and want to climb the corporate ladder. They should be careful with exaggeration- whether this is with words, food, or drink -can be an issue.

When I meet somebody with the name starting with the letter Z, I know that their appearance, attitude and dress will stand out as someone professional and ready to do business. Conversations with them will be serious, direct, and to the point. Patience is most definitely not their virtue.

Stacey: Wow, that’s definitely some powerful energy. Can you demonstrate that further with a name reading of Zena and Zachary?

Sue: Absolutely. On first impression Zena would stand out as an independent woman, but if family is brought into the picture, she will sit in the drama a little longer than necessary. She has a tendency to over extend both her generosity and her desire to help out in family situations. This can leave her exhausted and overwhelmed by the fact that she receives nothing back for all she has given causing her to become emotionally drained. She needs to find her own strength and courage to not allow others to hold her back from her natural talents and abilities. She is very capable of working with details and organization, but sometimes finds it hard to focus and stay on the task at hand. Being an honest person, Zena must also be aware that not everybody does things the way she would like. She needs to realize that setting a goal and reaching that goal can be done in multiple ways. It’s all acceptable.

For Zachary, he is a strong person who has good communication skills but likes to keep to himself. Though he may appear quiet and shy, he is highly intelligent. Along with his intelligence, his intuition gives him wonderful, inspirational ideas that seem to flow naturally for him. He works best by himself, thriving on making decisions for the whole. However, when everybody is down, Zachary pulls the team up and gets them going again. If Zachary uses his natural abilities correctly, money will come to him effortlessly and he will be living his passion. He’s proud and is very capable of achieving much success, but needs to not let his ego get in the way.

Stacey: Once again, interesting and informative, Sue. Thank you!

Sue: I look forward to next week’s name reading. To send me a name you’d like me to read, visit my website: healingnumbers22@gmail.com or text (207) 907-5446. Confidentiality is highly respected, so your name will not be used without permission. Follow my blog to see if your question is featured and answered.
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