Healing Numbers


Mastering your Own Numerology Chart

Join Sue Coffin, Numerologist in a 3-week course, teaching simple calculations that take you through your own personal Numerology Chart.  You will receive hand-outs on all your specific numbers related to you. I will bring my knowledge through class discussions helping you to have deeper understanding of who you are and to explore what you have chosen to attain in this lifetime.  Classes run 60-90 minutes. The 4th week: A one on one personal reading will be done to help you understand on a deeper level and to allow you to ask questions in a more confidential setting. Cost: $200.00 which includes the $125.00 comprehensive reading.

Next class starts February 1 @ 6pm at the Blue Heron 81 Main Street Bangor ME. Sign up in advance so that I can prepare your personal Numerology chart for class.

Gift Certificates available.

Weeks 1 and 2 we will be discussing the core energy (the energy that makes you who you are) which consist of 6 different ways we use the different energies.

Week one:  Expression, Heart’s Desire, Personality energy.
Week Two: LifePath, Birthdate, Maturity energy.

Then we switch gears and discuss the energy that is coming in influencing us with events, opportunities, challenges to help us grow.

Week Three:  Pinnacles and Challenges. Personal year and monthly energy.
Week Four:  Scheduled Personal Comprehensive Readings

Sign up in advance for the 4 week class by filling out the form on the contact page.


By signing up in advance for the class, you will receive a 60 minute personal reading FREE to pull all the information that you receive in class together, for a greater understanding and to ask questions on a more confidential level.
Minimum 4 – maximum 10 per class.

4 week classes need to be signed up through the website and paid for through PayPal in advance.