Healing Numbers

Discovering Lily Through Her Heart’s Desire

In addition to our Life Path number, our expression number is one of our core numbers. Based on the letters of our full name at birth, it reveals our talents and abilities.

Lily’s talents and abilities are illustrated through the number combination 25/7. The number 25 is a highly spiritual number that tells Julia her daughter is a natural healer, very empathetic with a strong intuition and heightened senses. She has a deep desire to understand things below the surface so professions and interests that allow her to research and dig deeper would be an ideal fit for Lily.

Lily’s expression number adds up to a 30/3. The number 3 is often described as the number that carries “Peter Pan” energy. Individuals that possess 3 energy are playful, social, extremely likable, fun and have a great sense of humor. Because Lily carries strong 3 energy, creative expression will be important. Exploring activities and engaging in modalities that can help her express herself through words or art have the ability to bring her much happiness and joy. Hobbies or vocations that involve writing, fashion design, or working with children and animals are a perfect fit for someone like Lily with strong 3 energy.

Raising a child with strong 3 energy can be a challenge because they will resist any efforts that push them to grow up. Also, individuals with 3 energy tend to be very self critical. Therefore, in a parenting role, it will be extremely important for Julia to find ways to teach Lily self-compassion and to help her build strong self esteem. It will also be crucial for Julia to balance her desire to help her daughter grow and mature into an adult without urging her to completely sacrifice her playful inclinations and more creative endeavors.

Last week we learned that Lily’s life path number carried 8 energy. When combined with her expression number of a 3, activities like landing the lead in a school play would help a child like Lily shine. She can tap into her artistic and creative nature while also being a leader and standing out in a crowd.

As we look deeper into Lily’s expression number, we can uncover her heart’s desire  through the vowels in her name. Our heart’s desire number connects us to our innermost yearning and to the dreams, values and ideas that we hold closest to our heart. It can reveal our true motivation and intention behind our actions as it directs the choices we make in all aspects of our life.

Lily’s Heart’s Desire number is a 9 which tells us she is a humanitarian. She will be that child who wants to care for and adopt stray animals and to help anyone in need. She will always seek out those she can help.  When combined with the energy of her Life Path, her expression energy that highlights her intuitive and empathetic nature, and with inclinations towards leadership and ambition, Lilly will ultimately be motivated by her desire to help others. Understanding how these energies all work together, can give Julia insight in how to guide her daughters interests and choices. For example, encouraging Lily toward a career as a veterinarian would be an ideal fit for how all of her energies work together.

A parenting challenge for Julia as she nurtures a child with Heart’s Desire energy of a 9, is that while they tend to be very evolved beings here to do important work, they can also be very dramatic, especially when things don’t go there way. Showing these individuals like Lily unconditional love will be critical in building and deepening relationships with them.

Now that we Julia has some insight into her daughter Lily’s core energies through her Life Path and Expression numbers, next week we will now explore the future challenges that exist for Lily and how those energies can be used to guide her through the different transitions she will experience in her life.

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