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Comprehensive Numerology Reading

(60 – 90 minutes) $125.00

For up to 90 minutes we will discuss the energy that makes you who you are. We’ll look at:

  • Your Lifepath – the path that brings in opportunity to help you grow
  • Your Natural Talents and Abilities
  • How You Express Yourself – this is the energy you are working on
  • Your Heart’s Desire – what motivates you
  • Personality – the energy you project out to others before letting them in your heart.

The second part of the reading is discussing the energy that is coming in at different times in your life to help you on your journey – the Pinnacles. Sometimes this energy that surrounds you brings in family responsibilities, maybe more work, wants you to be independent, patience, etc. Another aspect is your Challenges – once understood and overcome, they become some of your greatest assets. The Personal Year energy sets the stage for a different theme every year. I believe this is one of the most important energies to learn and to keep up with. If we know what the universe is going to want from us, then we are more prepared to take on the job and receive positive results. This will also be broken down into individual monthly energies.

Compatibility Reading

(approximately 60 minutes) $125.00

Compatibility really means enjoying the person you are with, for who they are. This is the reading that allows us to connect on a deeper level, explaining to you how energy works together. This is any relationship – husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, business partners. I compare the 2 individual chart, explaining each of  the energies of the Hearts Desire, Lifepath, and Expression. I believe most everybody is compatible it’s about learning, understanding, and accepting.  Numerology has helped many relationships go to another level of understanding.   All your questions will be addressed in this 60-minute reading.

1, 5, 7  Our analytical thinkers, problem solvers.

3, 6, 9,  Our artist that carry emotional energy.

2, 4, 8, The people who do best in Business

I have had allot of fun with this reading, helping relationships grow, as it validates and gives greater meaning to the ones we love.

Parent/Child Reading

(approximately 60 minutes) $125.00

Take the guess work out of trying to understand your child unique behavior. In this reading, I will compare 2 charts – Parent/Guardian+Child – to help you understand how to recognize the different behaviors that your child exhibits. It’s very interesting to see the familiarity of numbers within a family structure. This is sometimes the reason we butt heads with our children – our energies match which can intensify this energy. One of the most important parts of this reading is to find your child’s natural talents and abilities and what makes them happy, through their hearts desire energy. This reading allows you to understand on a deeper level and helps you to guide them on their journey that they have set out to conquer in this lifetime – what a gift from a parent or guardian. Most parents are aware and resonate to the information that I tell them, but hearing it helps strengthens the bond.

Future Forecast Personal Year/Month Energy

(30 minutes) $60.00

I feel that this is one of the most important energies to know. This energy goes from January to January telling us the Theme of what direction we will be working with. For Instance, if you are in a 1 Personal year, you more than likely will be feeling more energetic, independent, and ready for a new beginning, it wants you to set the bar higher and stand on your own 2 feet.  A 4 Personal year, will bring in work, practicality and a feeling a limitation, this year wants you to make a solid foundation to give you more security. The importance of knowing this is to help you lean into the energy and receive its benefits. Some years we say “that was the best year ever, I hate to see it go,” others we are glad when it’s over. I will help you to understand what the energy is asking from you, whether it wants you to be a bit more playful, a heavy workload might be on the agenda, family situations need attention, those answers are all in the numbers. You can have a successful and fulfilling year by understanding your Personal Year energy. During this reading, I will also break down the calendar months explaining to you even on a deeper level how to use the monthly energy to assist you with your personal year energy.

I will also be available to you throughout the year, to answer One free email questions that you might have regarding the Personal Year energy. 

Career/Student Readings

(30 minutes) $40.00

Students of any age can receive purposeful guidance with this reading in selecting a Career. When I went back to college at 35, working full time, raising 2 children, I was a wreck. So much money and not 100% sure I was going into the right field. I wish I had known Numerology at that time. Seriously I would have gone in a different direction. During this reading I pay special attention to your Natural Talents and Abilities, Lifepath, Expression, and Heart’s Desire. If you are fulfilling your Heart’s Desire, you are passionate at what you are engaged in. Each position and energy holds its own meaning. By putting it all together I am able to give you guidance specifically geared towards your passion.  For example, I spoke with a woman who was in her 60’s and looking for a new direction due to her work closing the doors. If I had talk with her when she was in her late 20’s I would have guided her towards working with people on a counseling level.  Her reply: “I wanted to do that when I was younger but my family didn’t think that was a good idea.” Her Heart’s Desire was telling her that but outside influences persuaded her to change. Let a Numerology Reading help you validate what you already know.

Follow up 30-Minute Question and Answer


I would be more than happy to talk with you for 30 minutes to help you in any area that is concerning you. When you have a difficult question it’s not always easy to reach out to someone you have never spoken to before. Allot can be discussed in 30 minutes and this can help you to understand what Numerology can do for you? Maybe you just feel like you’re not connected to your own self? Maybe you have a simple question that keeps eating at you day after day? Let’s spend 30 minutes looking at your energy, discussing the issue that’s bothering you. It’s fun and helps you to realize you are a spiritual being in a physical world. I enjoy talking with each and every one of you. There are no 2 charts the same. I meet somebody totally different and unique in each reading. Reach out and let’s get together.

Tandem Reading


Break up the winter months and enjoy a duo reading with a friend, partner, spouse, or adult child and learn together what Numerology can tell you about your personal year energy for 2018. This will be a fun upbeat way to meet Sue Coffin, Numerologist and allow her knowledge of Numerology to help guide you through 2018 with Future Forecasting.

Being one of only two practicing Numerologist in the State of Maine, Sue is excited to share her knowledge of this complex science with you.

What does Personal Year energy mean? In January of every year, energy moves to represent a different theme, in our lives.  For instance, a 1 year brings in new beginnings, a 2 year can bring love, 3 year is all about having fun, etc. By knowing and understanding what this energy wants, you can lean into it and gain from its benefits.

So bring a friend for an hour of fun and learning how to maneuver your energy through 2018 to get the most out of it!

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