Numerology Readings

Readings can be done by Phone, Skype or In-Person at the Blue Heron Wellness Center and booked online through my online calendar at the bottom of this page.

After you book your session you’ll receive a confirmation email with the details of our session. If you chose a Skype or phone session your confirmation will include a link to PayPal where you can securely pay for your session. Thank you. If you have any questions you can email me at or call or text me at 207-907-5446.


Comprehensive Numerology Reading (60 – 90 minutes): $80

For up to 90 minutes we will discuss the energy that makes you who you are. We’ll look at:

  • Your Lifepath – the path that brings in opportunity to help you grow
  • Your Natural Talents and Abilities
  • How You Express Yourself – this is the energy you are working on
  • Your Heart’s Desire – what motivates you

The second part of the reading is discussing the energy that is coming in at different times in your life to help you on this journey – the Pinnacles. Sometimes this energy that surrounds you brings in family responsibilities, maybe more work, wants you to be independent, patience, etc. Another aspect is your Challenges – once understood and overcome, they become some of your greatest assets. The Personal Year energy sets the stage for a different theme every year. I believe this is one of the most important energies to learn and to keep up with. If we know what the universe is going to want from us, then we are more prepared to take on the job and get better results. This will also be broken down into individual month energies.

Compatibility Reading (approximately 60 minutes): $80

We will talk about your energy in a relationship. This is any relationship – husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, business partners. Comparing 2 individual charts, discussing different positions and how they are compatible or where there might be discord. By looking at the different positions, we can see how they work together, find the natural talents and abilities for both, discover how each individual solves problems and what drives them to happiness. All your questions will be addressed in this 60-minute reading.

Parent/Child Reading (approximately 60 minutes): $80

I will compare 2 charts – Guardian/Child – to help you understand how to recognize different behaviors regarding your child’s energy. It’s very interesting to see the familiarity of numbers within a family structure. This is sometimes the reason we butt heads with our children – our energies match which intensives this energy. One of the most important parts of this reading is to find your child’s natural talents and abilities and what makes them happy. To let them be who they are and help them with their journey that they have set out to conquer in this lifetime – what a gift from a parent or guardian. Most parents are aware and resonate to the information that I tell them, but hearing it helps strengthens the bond.

Personal Year/Month Reading (30 minutes): $35

I feel that this is one of the most important energies to know. This energy sets the tone for the year. It goes from January to December. Every year there is a different, unique flavor to help you on your path. In this reading, I will be looking at the energy that makes you who you are and many other different positions to help guide you to use this energy to your advantage. Some years we say “that was the best year ever, I hate to see it go,” others we are glad when it’s over. WHY? In this reading I will help you to understand what the energy is asking from you, whether it’s to work hard, play, rest, be with family, etc. Knowing this will allow you utilize it to get the most out of it and make it a very successful year. I will also break down the 12 months within that year to further your guidance.

Finding the Right Career/Student Readings (30 minutes): $25

It doesn’t matter our age. When we go to college we all hold our breath and hope we are making the right decision. During this reading I pay special attention to your Natural Talents and Abilities, Lifepath, Expression, and Heart’s Desire. If you are fulfilling your Heart’s Desire, you are fulling your passion. Each position and energy holds its own meaning but when we put it together it will guide us. For example, I spoke with a woman who was in her 60s. I said to her I wish I had spoken to you when you were younger – I would have guided you to a career in counseling. She had all the numbers that suggest being a therapist. She was intuitive, had the ability to see both sides to the story, compassionate but stern when needing to apply herself. Her reply: “I wanted to do that when I was younger but my family didn’t think that was a good idea.” Her Heart’s Desire was telling her that but outside influences persuaded her to change. Let a Numerology Reading help you validate what you already know.

30-Minute Question and Answer Reading: $35.00

Don’t really understand what Numerology can do for you? Feel like you’re off your path? Have a question that keeps eating at you day after day? Let’s spend 30 minutes looking at your energy, discussing the issue that’s bothering you. Or maybe you’re just curious about Numerology. A lot can be accomplished in a 30-minute Numerology Reading. It’s fun and helps you to realize you are a spiritual being in a physical world. I enjoy talking with each and every one of you. There are no 2 charts the same. I meet somebody totally different and unique in each reading.

Enjoy Your Reading Online, Over the Phone or In-Person!

In-Person Numerology Readings are now available at The Blue Heron Wellness Center in downtown Bangor! Readings are available Saturday afternoons. Space is limited – reserve your reading today!

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