Healing Numbers


As I prepare to face the second half of my life, I feel that my path is clearer and less daunting thanks to Sue’s incisive and very tactful reading.  Her projection was more far-reaching than I expected, and it gave me some tools to calmly approach and analyze my fears.  Sue provides firm but gentle guidance, using simple and direct words.  The reading felt personal and rooted in the confidence that only experience can bring. Thank you very much, Sue.

-Idaho Falls


“Not only was your reading spot-on in so many aspects of my life, but you also opened doors to the real me that I didn’t even know existed! And may I add, the morning I showed up for my reading with Sue was the first time I met her.”

— Bangor, Maine

“Before Sue’s reading, I did not have much understanding of or experience with numerology. She not only is very knowledgeable and approachable, but feels like an ‘old, trustworthy friend.’ By weaving her intuitive instincts with her knowledge rooted in the standard guidelines of numerology, she developed a comprehensive reading for me that was not only accurate, but both validated my present circumstances and choices while offering substantial advice to help direct my decisions and choices around future challenges and opportunities. I am excited to use the information that Sue was able to offer as a tool to help guide me down the right path in my life. I was blown away how accurate her reading was, and how it aligned and resonated with my own inner wisdom. Thank you, Sue!”

— Bangor, Maine

“I found my time with Sue Coffin to be very helpful with my life as I have lived it, with the good choices and what appeared to be the bad ones. She is kind, thinks clearly, and had worked on my numbers before I arrived. She spent time with me, and one of the most important aspects of a numerology reading for me was that it affirmed my life path thus far in my life, and also gave me pointers for the future.”

— Judy Kuhns-Hastings, Ph.D.,APRN, BC

“Thank U!!!!! You verified a lot of things I have been thinking about. You validated many of my feelings. I feel centered again. I will definitely recommend you to others.”

— Audra

“Sue Coffin has been a friend for a number of years. Her ability to listen, question, encourage and contribute to the conversation is reflective of Sue’s character and inter-personal skill abilities. Intuition is innate and not subject to learning. Sue is very intuitive and this has aided her abilities in dealing with all factions of people. Over the past few years, Sue has been hard at work in the study of Numerology. I have a healthy respect for numbers, such as time of birth, day of birth, etc. I had a Numerology reading a few years ago when I lived away. I was impressed at how an hour-and-a-half session was able to pinpoint my journey to this day. Recently I asked Sue for a session and her insight into my present situation and future endeavors, all based on numbers, has been very helpful in better understanding of myself. This is not mystical, but rather a set of factual events set in motion at our birth. Sue will provide you with insight, in a non-judgmental way, about your gifts, abilities and future paths. I would recommend to anyone who is skeptical, to lean into your discomfort and make the call. You will be amazed and delighted at how refreshing it is to know a little more about yourself tomorrow than you do today.”

— Richard G. Corey,
RG Corey Consulting

“I couldn’t have asked for a better gift than what Sue gave me when she described my son’s energy and what makes him happy. My son is disabled and noncommunicable. It was wonderful to learn about his energy. I feel very grateful as Sue opened doors to my understanding of my beautiful son and his journey here on earth. Thank you Sue.”

— Carrie. Portland,Maine

“I found my time with Sue Coffin to be very helpful with my life as I have lived it, with the good choices and what appeared to be the bad ones. She is kind, thinks clearly, and had worked on my numbers before I arrived.”

— Judy Kuhns-Hastings, Ph.D., APRN, BC

“Love you Sue!! You R Awesome!! Had a reading from you a year ago and everything was right on the money!! Thank you!”

— Gorham, Maine

“My numerology reading was exactly what I needed for self-healing and personal growth! The accuracy and insight was nothing less than awe inspiring. I will definitely have numbers read by Sue again.”

— Annie L.

“I was give Sue’s business card, it took me 4 days to call. I have gone to a couple of psychic readings and they did not match me. Sue started to do the number’s in her reading and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It was so much to take in. By the end of it I was covered with goosebumps. She was right on and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, it was my exact life path. She helped me to realize that some of my greatest abilities were real and that I needed to trust in them. Thank you so much Sue.”

— Emily A.

“Thank you so so much Sue……..I found you reading to be very inspiring. You are wonderful. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

— Lisa — Brewer, Maine

“A Numerology reading from Sue will get your attention! I had no fore knowledge about the subject itself. So when Sue explained it with the results in tow, the accuracy of which it lined up with my life events and personality was outstanding and amazing. The greatest benefit was that it helped me understand and accept myself as bing who I was meant to be. It confirmed and made sense of my life’s journey. I would highly recommend Sue because not only I;s she accurate but she presents her reading in a compassionate manner. Don’t miss out on this experience.”

— Veazie, Maine