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The Observing G

Stacey: Sue, this week’s blog question is brought to you by the letter G! Our readers are really enjoying this series on name energy. What can you tell us about the energy of the G?

Sue: I love doing name readings and am glad readers are enjoying them also. The G (7 energy) resembles the letter C (3 energy), making both very good with their words. G uses its words in a subtle way and C tends to be more boisterous.  However, while C is open looking to the future, (it “see’s”),  G pulls in on itself within the mental plane, but stays open to intuitiveness and clairvoyant abilities. G’s are often quiet people and tend to be self-searching, self-reflecting and deep thinkers, which often results in them being misunderstood which causes feelings of loneliness. G’s vibrate with 7 energy, which is that of the researcher. They make certain of their responses before they answer. When sure of an answer they can be opinionated and strong willed. They like being alone and love to sleep.

When I first meet a person with the cornerstone letter G I respect their quietness knowing that it is not an indication that they do not care, but instead it is a reflection of them as observers seeking knowledge. The 7 energy does not like to be asked lots of questions or carry on idle chit chat, but you will find they are very curious and inquisitive of others. If you can figure out what really interests them, you will have the privilege of gaining a good friend and learning a lot from their knowledge. If the G is not working in a balanced way, it can be very critical using words as their weapon.

Stacey: So cool. Our interested reader asked if you could read the names Grace and Gregory in relation to the energy of G?

Sue: Sure. For Grace, family, friends and work are very important to her, but having time alone rules. There is an opportunity here for Grace to learn balance among all areas of her life. Grace gives guidance and accepts responsibility using in-depth investigation and intuition. Her charismatic way attracts many to her and she is a very dependable friend/co-worker. Being a perfectionist, she wants to take charge, but she needs to allow others do for themselves. In a quiet way, she is very strong and independent.

Gregory has 3-7’s in his name G, G, Y. The word reclusive has a 7 vibration, so this is something Gregory needs to balance – spending time alone vs. socializing. For him, the door swings very wide either way. Having big ideas and wanting to promote them can sometimes cause over confidence and negating his common sense. He is good at making quick decisions, which puts him on a very adventurous path where risk taking is very much enjoyed. Discipline and focus need to be practiced regularly as over indulgence with food, alcohol, technology and romance can be a problem.

Stacey: Thanks, Sue. This is such interested stuff. I am looking forward to which letter of the alphabet we explore next time. Please leave a comment, question or name at the bottom of the blog.

Sue: Visit my website healingnumbers22@gmail.com or text (207) 907-5446. Confidentiality is highly respected, so your name will not be used without permission. Follow my blog to see if your question is featured and answered.

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