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Tomorrow’s Energy Can Help Lily Today

Lily is a highly sensitive individual with strong empathetic tendencies. Listening to the news, bearing witness to, or experiencing trauma can be very painful for someone like Lily. She is so sensitive that just hearing of such experiences could cause her actual physical pain. As a mother, Julia can provide support, compassion and alternative outlets to help Lily process and control the impact that such events and experiences and events can have on her.

With her 8 energy, Lily performs quite well as a student in school. However, the 3 energy that she has will challenge her to stay grounded in her studies, so Julia should expect that Lily will have to work quite hard to excel the way she wants to. Lily will be motivated by studies that involve science, math and research so supporting Lily in those areas of interest is encouraged.

As Lily enters the age of 13 she will be in an 11/2 year. She will experience or undergo a major change and new beginning of some sort. She will struggle to process this change and the loss that will come with it. She may perceive it as a trauma.

In talking with Julia, it is possible this loss or change revolves around the recent event where Lily’s best friend moved away abruptly. She has been struggling to process the loss of her best friend and to move forward in her life without her best friend by her side.

As this year continues to unfold, around August, something new and some kind of personal spiritual awakening will occur in Lily’s life and will help her reconstruct her life as she knows it.

This year will be a particularly sensitive year for Lily. As she tries to process the events that occur in her life and align them with her intuitive and empathic inclinations, she will need Julia’s nurturing support to provide her with comfort and guidance.

Helping Lily find activities or healthy self- care and coping strategies will be important. For example, something as simple as connecting Lily with different kinds of healing stones that carry grounding energy can give her a tangible way to refocus her energies. Lily will be inclined to withdraw and shut down when she is struggling with her negative emotions so it  will be important as well for Julia to encourage Lily to reach out and find people, activities, or ways to positively connect to her world that can bring her healing and joy.

Next year will be a year full of independence, fun, joy, and playfulness for Lily. So helping her positively grow and successfully understand the sensitivities and difficulties brought on by this year will ready her for much happiness next year.

Julia and Lily can continue to deepen their mother-daughter relationship if they remain open and communicative with each other about the energies that make them each who they are and how those energies come into play within their relationships and the worlds they interact with. Through such understanding, Julia can help encourage her daughter’s natural gifts while she manages the challenges entering her life so she grow and live a life that fulfills her deepest heart’s desires.

We hope you have enjoyed our Parenting series and have learned a little bit more about how numerology can help guide and deepen your relationship within your relationships. If you have a specific parenting question that you would like answered through numerology, email or text Sue today!

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